Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Chairs For the Kitchen

I've searched for quite some time for the perfect counter stools for the new island. I've ordered a couple of times only to be disappointed once they came. The color was off or the quality wasn't what I felt it should be. 

Last week
my girlfriend stopped by and said she'd located several sets of counter stools I should look at. When she told me here in town I said we must go. I locked the office door to take off for the short 2-mile drive. Last fall a new liquidation store had opened in our old Walmart store. I had checked it out previously for a new range for the island. They didn't have any ranges or much of anything else that spoke to me.

They moved in several new items much to my surprise several counter and bar stools. My original thoughts were to go with a cream colored wingback style. Once I got to looking around I changed my mind. The cream would almost appear to be dirty looking against the white in the counter top. I spotted these darling gray colored counter stools. The nail heads were awesome looking and I thought the gray fabric would play nicely off the gray veining in the counter top.
 Check out the nail heads. Aren't they fabulous?
The welting on the back is done perfectly. The legs lean toward a weathered wood. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave them as they are or change them up. For now, I'm going to live with them the way they are. They flow nicely with the gray in the rug under the table, Miss Scooter approves.
As a bonus, I spotted a dining chair from the same styling. I wasn't thinking about a chair for the desk but I thought it might work perfectly at the desk. The guy shot me one heck of a deal on the price due to the fact it was one lone chair left out of a set, those loners are hard to sell. I think he was just as glad to get rid of it as I was to find it.
The chair sets like a dream, as well as the counter stools. I'm so pleased to have found them all to match. Looking back at the pictures the  chair I used before was a tad small for the desk and too relaxed for the look I'm going for. It's been moved to the sun porch and for now, works nicely for that area.
 ~ AFTER ~

I'm getting closer and closer to being able to finish the rest of the countertop and desktop along with new flooring. It's been quite the journey pulling all my wants and wishes into a small fish bowl sized budget, it's been a challenge at times but oh so rewarding.


Favorite-Five- Party


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Gorgeous, these are perfect.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

You chose well! The bar stools look perfect and I like the detail on them. The chair for the desk really does look great- what a great find! It looks a lot more comfortable too. You've made some great changes throughout your house.

Unknown said...

What a fabulous find! I have never heard of a liquidation store inside a Walmart! I think painting your exposed wood white would really set off both the grey and add contrast to your floor and island base. Thank you for joining favorite 5

Alycia Nichols said... owe your friend a big ol' cookie!!! Perfectly priced and matched! I've found it hard to use my desk in the kitchen as an actual desk (as of last night it became a mini bar), but you gave the perfect setup! Well done, ma'am. Congratulations on finding the perfect bar stools AND bonus desk chair!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow..those are PERFECT for your kitchen. They look really comfortable too. GOOD for you.
I've been hunting for some buffet lamps and finally found what I's a neat feeling to get the perfect thing after searching! YOU DID GOOD! :)