Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas In The Kitchen

 My goodness what a year makes. I was meeting myself coming and going a year ago trying to get the house ready for the kids to come home Christmas, never realizing what the rest of the year would bring. I've had a few long talks with myself, struggling to decorate for the holidays this year.  My inner self gave in. Mr. P knew that Christmas is my favorite season to decorate for. He would tease me mercilessly and I loved every bit of it. What I wouldn't give to hear that sweet voice this year.  I hope he would be pleased I've chosen to decorate the house this year for Christmas. Are you finding it hard to get motivated to decorate this year, or have you gone over the top or just kept things simple?
As I've said many times before the hutch in the breakfast room is one of my favorite pieces. You can load it up with a lot of decor or keep it light and airy. 
Trailing berry vine float across the shelf weaving