Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~ The Farrier's Box ~

Gathering items for a tablescape is always a challenge and at times a bit on the daunting side. Once those items are gathered and the table set, I like to step back with a bit of pride knowing I've used my dishes in a fun and sometimes unusual way. I have to admit the idea first sprang from visiting Yvonne's blog over at Stonegable. Talk about someone inspiring, trust me you go away full of ideas and a spring in your step wanting to play with your dishes. If you haven't visited her blog before it's a must on the to do list, you won't leave disappointed.

Small antique milk bottles are the perfect choice to use as a flatware caddy.

Cream on cream always so rich, clean and pure looking.

Too early for Geraniums? Well... maybe just a tad you can tell where my mind is rolling to. Right past Spring and directly into early Summer. Have to admit the punch of red adds some spice to the table.
The Farrier's Box usually made from a packing crate was meant to be durable. They threw their tools in with no worry of damage. They didn't have the finery of the hidden drawers or frills of today's tool chest.

 The cream pitchers style and shape is the perfect choice for the style and era of the tablescape.
Red wine glasses from Wal Mart add a bit of grandeur to the country style setting.

Thanks for stopping by to view The Farrier's Box. I know I'm so far behind on answering emails, and visiting your blogs. There has been a whirl wind of activity around here, I may be slow but I promise to get around to each and everyone who take time to stop by to say hello. I appreciate your loyalty and kind comments, each and eveyone of them touch my heart.   Until next time.......

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~ Innocence ~

 The pure innocence of a child is priceless. Their love is freely given. The same is true with an animal. We have 2 dogs that give of their love freely. Their loyalty isn't questioned, asking nothing in return.  Asking for help isn't one of my long suits, I've discovered over the years the disappointment comes more times than not, struggling with yourself makes a person stronger, more determined, maybe even a bit more stubborn, and sometimes even more lonely. If you're struggling through your days journey, take a moment and look at the innocence that a child can give, if you have a pet give them an extra hug. There will be better days ahead.

Until next time......

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~ Is This the Last Winter Tablescape of the Season? ~

There are no complaints from this girl with the lack of snow we've had this winter, in fact our winter has been very mild. Makes me wonder what the Ides of March will bring. What better way to finish off the last week of February with some snowflake dishes.
Embossed like edges full of fun and whimsy look like small peaks of snow.
 For Christmas my daughter gave me these darling dishes, does she know my heart or what? I immediately set up a table of the last remaining bits of Christmas that were hanging around. Oh my goodness NO; it's all been  put away for a very long time. I just hadn't gotten around to putting the pictures together to share with all of you.

A  treasured mug awaits your drink of choice.

Using mixed sets of dishes only adds to the excitement of a tablescape. The beauty of red and white is always a sure winner. White antique edge dishes came from Walmart a few years ago.

A red and white snowflake napkin coordinates with the snowflake napkin ring, adding the second snowman napkin only adds to the fun table.

This reminds me of dribbling paint from a bottle in bible school. Do you remember those days? I can vaguely remember coming up with something similar to this design, thinking I was the next Van Gogh. Ummmm obviously that didn't happen. Lol

The candy canes were put away ages ago, the Hershey kisses and M&M's were finally finished up on Monday, just in time for Jellybeans to fill the apothecary jar.
Thanks so much for stopping in to view what I hope is the last Winter type tablescape. I'm ready for Spring and green, how about you? Until next time....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

~ The Magic of a Key ~

 Once you turn the key magic can happen. It unlocks many things in life, mysteries can unfold, treasures revealed.
 OK.. so you can see through the glass treasures on the shelf of the hutch. Turning the key brings up memories of when I put something in, moved it around and then took it out once again.
 Opening the door and getting a closer look reveals my love of blue, recently moved in from the sunporch to hold court in the dining room.
 The blue and white teapot and sugar dish I believe came from Cracker Barrel many years ago. I was on a shopping trip with My Betty, I purchased this one, she the one with apples.
 Antique salt cellars a gift from My Betty before she passed.

 A blue and white basket perfect for holding all the small tea spoons. Guess you've probably guess when I collect something I have a tendency to go overboard.. just a wee bit overboard.
 A vintage silver pitcher holds some silverware picked up at a local flea market a few years back.
 This beautiful salad bowl set is priceless.. Mr. P  gave it to his mother many years ago as a gift. He doesn't recall the occasion..I'm so fortunate to be the caregiver of the beautiful set.
 A small butter dish, purchased while antiquing with my girlfriend, I recall giving $1.75 for it.. I purchased it just because it was just so darn cute..

 Not to leave anything untouched, even the keys get decorated around here. ;-)

With the key of the cabinet turned and locked, it awaits another adventure on another day..
Until next time...