Saturday, August 13, 2011

~ Meakin - Spode & Silver ~

Putting together a wall grid or collage can sometimes be a challenge. I like to pull things together I love, play with them on the floor and then pop them onto the wall. I'm sure by now you're tired of reading about all the painting I've done around here. I still have one "large" area to go, then I promise we'll put that subject in the archive file and drop it. :-))
After finishing the kitchen I waited until just the right thing struck me to hang on this short wall leading out of the kitchen into the dining room.
I won a small set of J&G Meakin dishes off EBay last winter. I have them scattered here and there, (I'll be sharing those vignettes in the near future). I knew after receiving the dishes I wanted to use the platter on the kitchen wall. Serenity comes to mind when I look at this beautiful platter. I love using corbel shelves whenever possible. They are great work horses, adding another texture to a display along with more interest. This corbel shelf is small in stature, the perfect size for holding......This cute Spode dish... speaks for itself! :-))A recent trip to Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas netted me many treasures. The silver tray is just one of many. I'll be sharing that post one day this week. If you've never been to Nell Hill's and Garrity's in Atchison or her store in Briarcliff in our Kansas City area you're missing out. All three of her stores are a treat for the eyes and the soul, there is something for everyone. My little shop is growing by leaps and bounds, I'm happy to report I'm able to carry many of her fine treasures.

Thank you for stopping by today to see my contribution to Silver Sunday. I hope each of you is having a super weekend.