Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sunporch Gets Decked Out for the Holidays!!

We're so glad you stopped by. Come on in out of the cold . I'll show you around the sunporch. This is the room you first saw all decked out for fall. Where has the time gone? Once inside the door you're greeted by this smiling Snow Couple. That could almost be Dh and myself.

Once inside you'll see the tree all decked out with a child's theme. This tree started out in the dining room. The older the grandson has gotten the larger the tree has gotten. So, we moved it out here and added more ornaments. I'll let the tree speak for itself. :-)

These cute little Hallmark bears haven't been out for years. This year while unpacking the ornaments for the big tree, the grandson ran across these and wanted to use them. Naturally, Grandma said yes.. lol I think they look darling climbing up the ladder.

Murphy keeps an eye on every move I make . Murphy just showed up one day last spring. He is the best dog ever. Want to come in big boy? Oh honey, Mom is busy taking pictures. I promise to play with you in just a bit.. :-))

You girls know I'm over the top with snowmen. This guy stole my heart a few years ago. He always takes front and center.

For those of you that don't know, my husband used to own and fly his own plane . Unfortunately due to bad health he hasn't flown in many years now. I found this guy flying and thought he would make a great keepsake. The ribbon candy is glass and came from the Dollar General.

Remember the placemats from the Snowflake Tablescape? I took a couple of them and made pillows of out of them. I paired it up with this darling snowman pillow.

Even the hutch got decked out for the holidays. Usually, it has a lot more than this on it. Frankly girls I just ran out of time.

Again with the Candy Cane light sleeve. These are wonderful sleeves that slip over a small light bulb and transform your lamps for the seasons. Alot safer than candles.

Oops!! I think this one is out of order. But isn't it pretty?

Once the candy corn candle came out the snow people went it. This darling snowman plate was a gift from my husband's daughter-in-law. I can sure see my new Snowman plate from Gloria out here. Can't you?

As you can see the candy cane theme

Excuse the coats girls, but we have to hang them somewhere. lol

This little cutie is a wooden tray. It was a gift from my husband's granddaughter.

It's now been 12 years since I've done craft fairs. We pulled a 14' trailer and traveled with the greatest group of people. I don't miss the loading and unloading. The carrying in of boxes. Taking chances with the weather. When we came off the road most of the crafty things were sold out. But I did manage to hang onto one these wooden candles. You can see the way the camera is acting up. The one candle is actually a deep red..Here is looks like a maroon color.

This is one of my favorite snowmen. He's made out of wood and 3' tall. He looks like he's been out an ice storm. Isn't he the greatest?

Okay Murphy boy, Mom is all done boring these fine folks. It's time for me to come and play with you. Thanks big guy for being so patient. We're so glad you stopped by girls. I hope you enjoyed seeing the sunporch all decked out for the holidays! I appreciate each and every one of your visits and comments.
From our home to yours Happy Holidays!!! hugs ~lynne~