Friday, January 23, 2009

~~ Pink Saturday and a Cup of Tea ~~

It's Saturday and that means another day of beautiful pink. Hosted by Beverly at While there you'll see a full list of participants and find a wonderful Pink filled day ahead of you. Time to go shopping around the house to find some pink. A while back I started collecting miniature tea sets. I know you're asking yourself, how many collections can one girl have? Well.. there are quite a few around here. They almost become obsessions.. lol. This week I've chosen this darling black with pink cabbage roses to show you.
Isn't it just the sweetest little thing you've laid eyes on?

Wouldn't it be great if the gold on the handles were real? It isn't, but I love the bling against the black. A girl can always dream can't she? :-))

A dream of being in a museum setting...

Don't forget to swing by for a full list of Pink participants. Thank you Beverly for hosting another fun filled Pink Saturday. Now.. I'm off to see more pink, I'll see you there.... hugs ~lynne~