Friday, August 31, 2012

~ Enjoying Simple Pleasures ~

Wow! You all know how to make a gal's head spin. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful comments about the shop and the transformation it's made. You know how to put the icing on the cake, the twinkle in the fireworks, the sparkle in my eyes and make my heart sing. Everyone needs a pat on the back and you all gave me mine.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!

The saga continues with the insurance company. A week ago tomorrow

Sunday, August 26, 2012

~ Time to Open the Doors and Reveal the New Look ~

Hi Everyone, 
I hope you've had a spectacular weekend. We finally got some much needed rain, not a lot, but at this stage anything is welcome. In my case this means I'll have to call the tire man to fix the other tire on the mower and get busy on mowing some of the weeds that have continued to grow. I don't mind a bit, any excuse to be working outside is welcome in my book. Lets move on to the topic of this post. :-)

Many of you may recall June 30th I had water damage in the shop, if you missed that short post you can revisit it HERE. This has been my second go around with water damage in my shop, last time was 5 years ago tomorrow Aug. 27. That time it was all in my "war room/work room". I had just received 7 large shipments of Christmas merchandise in, Mr. P was working out of state, it was my birthday weekend, No I don't believe I'll ever forget that incident. At least during that time I was able to remain open, this time I wasn't so fortunate. They say good things come out of bad things. In this case after almost 8 weeks of a lot of hard work I have to agree. This isn't exactly the way I would have planned updating the shop, it's all worked out and I'm pleased with the way things are shaping up.
I've started the fall decorating as you come up to the shop door, hopefully to put a smile on your face and the expectation of things to come on the inside. Because our temperatures are still a bit on the warm side I haven't added a couple of items to the bench, as the days start to cool down I'll share some updates with you.  The new Open Sign is on, so please come on in.
As you walk in the door the check out counter greets you. If you've followed the blog or a new follower you can see how the shop layout was before HERE. These pictures reflect part of the earlier layout and the dark green carpet.
I didn't want to put you through picture overload, so I made a collage of the loading and unloading of almost 400 boxes, the carpet is out, walls touched up, even the pegboard is given a fresh coat of paint and the new carpet goes in and the carpet in the office has new pad and stretched. Wowser! The before pictures make me realize just how big the area is "empty". lol
Every single piece of furniture was moved to a different location as it was brought in out of the pods, except for the coffee station. I want you to feel welcome when you come inside, please help yourself to a cup of coffee while we continue the tour.
This is now the over all view of the shop. Many that walk in the door have been amazed, they've said: I've expanded, the shop is bigger, you have more space and WOW!  All great compliments that mean the world. Most all of the display pieces are antiques I used in our other home. When I decided to open the shop they fit perfectly into the scheme of things. A few of them are still being repaired hopefully to be returned soon.

Behind the screen you can see the backside of my small dinosaur T.V. It's sitting on the credenza along with the sewing machine. Now just ignore the furnace and that 'ole hot water heater. I thought about putting some type of a screen or fabric up to totally hide them, but I truly enjoy sitting there being able to see all the way to the front of the shop as well as seeing the great outdoors.
The little alcove where the cream cupboard sits is once where the check out counter sat. I love the way the cupboard is niched into it's own special area. The silver you see is the conduit where I had some electrical work done, that will all be painted in due time. The white shelving used to house personal items and a few things needed at the check out counter, in other words a catch all, hidden behind all the screens I used as a backdrop. When I re-configured the layout of the shop I knew they would serve a better purpose displaying merchandise. I love the look now, not only is the merchandise displayed nicely, all the "junk" is either thrown away or organized in another room I call "the War Room" or many of you might call work room. I'm going to have to come up with another name for it as well.. yes folks, it's all organized as well. There is still some behind the scene stuff to be done before that reveal. Let's just say I'm as proud of the way that turned out as I am of the shop.
I couldn't resist sharing a close up of the touches of fall on the check out counter.

Hugs ~Lynne ~
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

~ Cool Refreshing Colors of Blue and Yellow ~

Labor Day weekend is right
around the corner, usually a sign cooler temperatures
are heading our way.Before that weekend
comes and we all start playing with our 
Fall dishes I thought I would share some left
over signs of summer. Our temps
today are suppose to reach 97,
so why not share some 
blue and white to help keep 
you cool. 

A simple table, a light
and airy table, full
of blues and yellows.

The table began with the white tablecloth
and expanded. I pulled from four
different sets of dishes to pull
this light and 
airy table together.
Many of you probably recognize
the J.C. Penney's Chargers,
layered with our everyday blue and
white, topped off with some yellow
toile and a cobalt bowl. 
The scene on the dessert
plates make me smile.

Thanks for swinging by
I hope all of you have
a great day.
hugs ~lynne ~
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

~ All Hung Up ~

There's been so much going on around
here upstairs and down
I'm meeting myself coming
and going. Not a complaint
just a statement. I'm so used
to our lives swirling in circles, if it
didn't I'm not sure I would
know how to handle it.

 While working in the kitchen
the other day, I looked up and
realized I don't believe I've
shared my pot rack. Do you
still have a pot rack? A conventional
style? Or one with loads of 
character like an old ladder
or even a pitch fork?
 I've had mine a few years now. I love
the convenience of being able to
just grab and go while I'm cooking.
Sometimes I feel like it's
a bit heavy feeling and would
like to take it down for a bit
to see what sort of a
change it would make. Problem
with that is: it is so 
heavy. I hung this myself about
5 years or so ago and
struggled to hold and hang
at the same time. 

 I love the storage shelf perfect
for displaying some of
my copper pots 
and skillets.
 Love my Paula Deen pans
naturally in red. lol I've been
mauling over in my mind changing
the paint color in the kitchen. It's been
red for a very long time now, in fact 
I just freshened up the paint in year less
than 2 years ago. I'm not quite
sure yet what direction I want to go.
I've looked at everything from blue grays to
lighter shades of gray. The problem
is the oak cabinets and crown molding, I
don't want to go too dark. Any
 Pot racks aren't just for
hanging pots. This candle
chandelier was a Christmas
gift from My Betty a few
years back. I love being
able to light a candle and 
enjoy it's beauty and
the memory of 
my beloved friend. 

I would love to hear if you 
still have a pot rack and
what kind. 
hugs ~lynne ~
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

~ Fruits From the Garden ~

 Mr. P's oldest daughter stopped by the other day
with some fruit from her garden.
A few tomatoes
a couple of peppers
and a few onions.
On the menu today is Salisbury Steak,
a few sliced tomatoes, mashed
potatoes, sweet corn, and
 Peach Cobbler for dessert.

 A sweet jar of homemade ketchup...
I'll save for another day.

hugs ~lynne ~
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Friday, August 17, 2012

~Sign of the Season ~

The last few days have been spectacular around here. The hint of fall is
in the air. If you're like me you're ready for cooler temperatures. 
I'm personally ready to shove Summer out the door and let the new season
in, gracefully and hopefully pretty. Have many of you wondered
whether we'll have a beautiful fall? Some say moisture doesn't 
make a difference others do, I'm wondering what your thoughts are. 
Since the weather has been cooler that means more walks
for the dogs and for me. Due to the drought the yard
and flowers aren't the prettiest so there hasn't been a whole
lot of that to share with you this year. The small spruce
tree just to the North of the garage has been 
producing these sweet pine cones. 
This year the top
of the tree is full; they are just so darn cute.

The Crepe Myrtle bushes are still hanging on. I'm 
assuming the cooler temperatures have helped push
the blooming process, for a while I didn't think I 
would see any blooms. 

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I hope all of you have a beautiful weekend. I'll be putting what
I hope is the last of the finishing touches on the shop.
The carpenter is here today putting down the baseboard
a bit of trim around the doors and the weather stripping.
Next week a furniture guy is due to come in and 
take a look at the damage done to the tops of display
pieces while unloading them from the pods. I'm 
ready to put this project to rest. Can't wait to share the 
powder room with you WOW what a transformation
it's taken on. I hope to have pictures to share
with you on Monday. 
With any project there will be finishing
touches to add, but as the commercial says
We've Come Along Way Baby. 
Hugs ~ Lynne ~