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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Many Changes

There's been so many changes these past few months.
I'm still wondering where I belong these days, 
wondering if I'm suppose to laugh, cry, shout
or have a good time. I'm slowly getting
my feet on solid ground. I stay pretty
close to home, it seems to be
my comfort zone, learning to be a
stronger me, and becoming
"very" OCD.

 I've stayed as busy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Signs of Summer in the Midwest

Summer has decided to return in full force here in the Midwest. Last week the temperatures felt more Fall like to me. Windows were open fresh breezes blew through the curtains, summer evenings were spent enjoying the creatures talk in the woods. Today they say we should have a heat index of close to a 110, that my friends is a little on the warm side. It's no secret I love my front porch, the view is incredible, the serene feeling I get is hard to explain. This past weekend they came in a baled the hay it's always a welcome sight to me when they're finished, this is my view right now.
 Each bale