Saturday, March 17, 2012

~ Revisiting the Antique Hutch ~

Not long ago I showed you some of the changes I made after all the painting in the sun porch was completed. For a reminder you can visit those posts  HERE and HERE.  Wow, what a little OK... so a lot of paint made not only in the room but the accessories.  It's always been a "fun" room to hang out in, it's even more so now.
Since today is St. Patty's Day I thought I would share some of the green inside the hutch.
After all the painting was complete, I moved all the blue inside and the green came out here. The dark green plates resided in the dining room hutch for the longest time. The ivy edged plates belonged to my Mother and held court in the pantry. Guess you can say I've fallen in love with green all over again. This is the perfect spot for all those gorgeous pieces. :-))
The hydrangea tea pot was a gift from my daughter many years ago, a perfect fit for all the green going on in the hutch. There's nothing boring or stagnate about the color green the blue purple color only enhances it's beauty.
My love of pears goes back many years, you'll find many around the house from dark brown wooden ones, to this delightful  green ceramic beauty.
OK... I know I keep saying I love bunnies, but folks I SO love bunnies. I purchased the bunny tureen a few years back, it's traveled around a few rooms in the house, now to take up residence here in the hutch (at least for the time being). The chalk like finish only adds to it's beauty.
I don't have many treasures from my childhood, this set of china is one of them. Mother gave them to me almost 34 years ago. I don't recall but she said I played with them often, guess my love of dishes started at a young age. There are no markings on the bottom, Priceless in my eyes, something to pass on to my daughter one day.

Are you having corn beef and cabbage today? Had to share the cabbage shaped tureen with you, purchased quite a while ago I believe from T.J. MAXX, don't you love the TJ store?

Just had to throw in one of the many birdcages I have around here, the sun streaming in was just too pretty not to share.

We hope you have the luck of the leprechaun's with you today, be safe in your travels and ventures this weekend.... 
Until next time..