Friday, May 25, 2012

~ Some Blue In the Mix ~

Happy Friday Everyone,  I hope you're having a fabulous day. We've had some much needed rain, just got the yard work finished in time.  If you're one of those that had heavy rains and hail I pray things are OK your way. I recall a year ago this weekend the roofers putting a new roof on the house from an earlier storm. As a reminder you can visit HERE.  Many people in Joplin lost a lot more than their roofs. My thoughts and prayers go out to them this weekend as they go through lots of memories and emotions.

Do you have any heavy duty plans for this weekend? In the past we would pack the car and head to the lake a 2 1/2 hour drive, now that I have a lake in front of the house the packing is less as well as the drive. I just load up the mule with fishing gear, a few cool beverages, the dogs and head on down. The weather man says we should be close to 90, lots of fun in the sun. If you head to the lake be careful and don't forget the sunscreen. ( Keep your fingers crossed I catch some fish).

 Usually I have a pretty good idea where things are going to go before I purchase them, will they stay in the same spot for long? You know they don't. lol I try to purchase things with multiple places in mind. After a lot of soul searching research I latched onto a new company for the shop, just the direction I want it to go. Blue and white is a great traditional color to use in any home, goes with any decor. Isn't this a beauty? It was instant love the minute I saw them. They sold quickly and now are back order. Wish I had ordered more in the first time, you just never know what's going to be popular for your clientele and what isn't.
In our living area we have a short wall that leads into the master bedroom, directly behind the wall are the stairs to my office and the shop. I'm still working on finding just the right thing to hang on the wall behind the small clock. With it being a tall wall it's going to be tricky hanging whatever I find.

I adore using silver trays as a grounding base in a vignette. Whether you use it in your living area, kitchen, sun porch or bath it gives a rich warm nostalgic feeling to your vignette.
First I placed the bunny looking this direction.
I think his darling face shows off better looking this direction.
After taking a few pictures I decided it still needed a wee bit of something to the left of the tray, things were a bit off balance.
So, I shopped the house and pulled this plate from another vignette. You know that means I got to play with another vignette. :-)

Across the room.

I'm off to make some visits to your blogs along with playing around here. I hope all of you have a fun and safe weekend.
hugs ~Lynne ~
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