Friday, June 26, 2009

Coneflowers Showing Off For Pink Saturday

Another week has passed and it's Saturday!! Pink Saturday girls. Hosted by our Beverly over at You can also click on my sidebar for a quick trip over for a wonderful day of Pink.

A few years ago I started adding yard art to the gardens. Yes, girls other than bunnies.. :-) I carried these wonderful signs in the shop for awhile. This one has been out in the yard for quite sometime. The cone flowers are loving all this heat the Midwest is dishing out our way. They are starting to pop all over the place. I love the fact they are so hardy, but word of warning...They can be very invasive.
(I'm trying my hand at a new camera, so bare with me girls.)

Looks like some are having a bit of an attitude doesn't it. Can't say as I blame them a whole lot. Our weather man has predicted a heat index here of a 114 for this weekend. Now, that's hot in any one's book.

Be sure to swing by Beverly's for a full assortment of beautiful Pink. I'll see you there.
hugs ~lynne~