Monday, February 7, 2011

~Vignette Has Been Benched!~

A while back I shared with you the truck rolling in with new Spring merchandise and promised a preview of some of those items. You can go back here to see that post. As promised, here we go..

With new merchandise rolling in meant moving many display pieces around to accommodate them. Many years ago Mr. P gave me the church pew as a birthday gift. It's graced many areas of our home, it now resides in the shop. I haven't used it in a long time, thought it would work well with this merchandise.
Lanterns are still the hot ticket item. I was delighted to "finally" get a few of them in the shop, they were suppose to be in for the Christmas Open House and had been back ordered. This is just one style that comes in 3 different sizes. I'll save the other style for another post. :-)
Another hot ticket item is burlap, offering everything from runners, tablecloths and pillows. The soft texture and stenciled letters lend a bit of nostalgia to your table, sofa or vignette.
After locating what I think are the "perfect" battery operated candles, they'll become a staple for any home. The ones I carry are on timers, having the option of 4 hours or 8 hours on. Finally back in stock are the battery operated candles for pillar candlestick holders.

Moving the bench around to the front of the shop allowed me to move Grandma's library table to the backside, creating a sofa table effect. To the left on the floor you'll find a trunk full of Spring ribbons, in Ecru Linen and Ecru Burlap. More Spring-styled ribbons are due in any time. :-))
The 32" height of this lantern screamed for something with a "presence" to go inside. I chose the white urn. The shades of white play well off each other.
Another angle.
Looking at the front side of the library table, you'll find some green vine along with grass pad to soften the hardscape of the table and brick, not to forget an old book nestled in between the lantern and pillow. To add a bit of height and balance on the right of the table the smaller lantern rests on the new concrete pedestal.

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Thanks so much for stopping by the shop to see the bench vignette, I can't wait to share some more with all of you. Until next time.....
hugs ~lynne~