Monday, August 15, 2011

~ Blue Invasion ~

After remodeling the kitchen a few years back, this short wall once housed an overhead cabinet and a cabinet base. After the cabinets were removed and re purposed I've had many pieces of furniture sitting here. After seeing the marble based bakers rack, I wanted to use it in the kitchen.  I measured the wall before purchasing it to make sure I had a good fit.  If you don't look too closely I think you'll agree it's the perfect fit for this wall. Directly across from it sits the bar stools for the island, the space is tight I couldn't go with something wide, this furniture piece allows me to decorate and those that want to sit at the counter have plenty of space to sit and still be able to maneuver around the back of the bar stools.
My daughter knows my love for teapots, with an ever growing collection on one of her trips to North Carolina she brought me back this darling teapot. The hole in the middle makes it quite unique. The size of the platter makes a perfect centerpiece for the top shelf.
With our last name starting with the letter P, I felt it would make the perfect addition to this vignette.
The pitcher was a gift many years ago from my Betty. Boy did she know my personality, with my love for blue and white she knew I would fall in love with this beauty. My Betty has been gone for a few years now, makes it more of a treasure. Each time I look at it I fondly remember her and all the good times we had together.

I wanted to bring in just a touch of the garden into the kitchen. After locating these unique bookends I knew they would be perfect. The iron compliments the edge of the bakers rack.

I think by now you all know I've gone over the top with animal things. Late last winter after running Mr. P to the doctor, we met my daughter and girlfriends at Nell Hill's in Briarcliff, you see Briarcliff is just a short jog from the doctor's office. :-))  It is always so much fun to run through her stores. The moment I saw this darling piece I knew it had to come home with me. It's floated around the house, as you can see it resides in the kitchen for now. :-))

I've had carpet balls, or as they are called now orbs, for years. Some of mine you'll find on tables, glass dishes, on tops of candlestick holders and so on.. just another one of my "many" collections.

The plant mister was purchased if I recall from the Dollar General Store many years ago for a $1.00. Love a bargain!


There you have my invasion of blue. Thank you for stopping in to say hello.
Marty, thank you for hosting each week.