Saturday, August 11, 2012

~ Shop Update ~

Hi everyone, I can't believe it's been so long since I've done a post. Have you missed seeing my smiling face and posts? I've missed you all terribly. The shop redo has taken a tad longer than I thought it would. No surprise there, you know how it is an hour job usually takes 2 to 3, something always comes up.

The move in of the product from the pods was interesting and we'll leave it at that. I'm not sure why men think they have to be in an all fire hurry to get things done. I think I said over a dozen times you all need to slow down, I was told they were under a deadline. Deadline my foot, this is after they showed up 4 hours late. Pleeeaaasssseee! Once they left I got started immediately unpacking almost 400 boxes of product. The sound of shattered glass, the clinking of metal hammered my ears through out the first evening and didn't quit until all of the boxes were unpacked. The damage continued from there, tops of tables scratched, bottoms of  display pieces split, the new flooring in the bathroom doesn't meet the wall, and there's a huge spot as you come in the door. Dave the carpet man couldn't get the spot out, there are new guys coming down on Monday to address these issues as well as a few others. It would have been nice if everything ran smoothly, it hasn't. Oh and by the way the pods are still here. Can you believe that? Yes, sitting right out in front, can't tell you how many calls I get asking if I've closed, if I'm moving or can you tell me what's going on. I finally used my "firm" voice on Friday we'll see if they get them out of here today as promised. I hate being treated stupid because I'm a woman.

My biggest mistake was letting the adjuster talk me into using their companies to do the work, instead of my local contractors. He assured me it would be easier for me, less hassle. I can't say WRONG loud enough or strong enough. If you ever have an insurance claim don't ever and I mean ever listen to them. Use or own local contractors, keep the money in your area. Your local contractors care about taking care of you right, they have to see you on a daily basis, they want their names carried out into the community in a good light. I have to say I don't care if I ever lay eyes on these guys again after the issues are dealt with, I kick myself every night for not listening to my instincts.

On a happier note, good things do come out of bad, I've gotten tons of organizing done, loads of things thrown out. The "war" room/work/storage room is ALL organized, I still have some painting of a few things to do, but what a pleasure it is to walk in that room now. I can actually find things, everything is neat and organized and I'm not embarrassed for someone else to see my work area. I still have quite a few things I want to do to the shop, all in good time. You know after all Rome wasn't built in a day.
I'll be posting pictures soon to share, I'm so proud of the transformation so far, it's not the Ritz but it is my little jewel box and I love coming down each day to go to work.
hugs ~lynne~
~ Update ~
  As I was finishing up this post they pulled in to pick up the pods. Yay!
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