Sunday, November 22, 2009

From Tea Cups To Santas

These past few weeks have had me buried in Christmas, in my own shop as well as the one I work in. You would think since we start in August and September with the Christmas fa-la-la-la that I would be tired of it. Anything but! lol I'm more geared up this year than years past. So, this week I'm joining in Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan from Betweennapsontheporch. I haven't participated in a while, so I hope this change doesn't get be booted right off the web. Let's unlock the key to the cabinet and see what's waiting for us. Normally through out the year you'll find the secretary full of teacups and saucers. Occasionally, a teapot will find it's way there as well. oops I believe you see my little ole hand and camera in the mirror. It was difficult getting a decent shot without me in there some where. You'd much rather see all the goodies inside instead of me. Trust me on this one. lol
Many years back while visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Louisiana, my Aunt and I would work on ceramics. For several years in a row we would paint Old World Santa's among other things.
This year I wanted to bring those out and honor my Aunt and the wonderful memory I have of her. She passed 4 years ago this month. These bring back fond memories of her and the time I spent with her.
I started on the top shelf and added the crystal bowl with these 2 Santa's. After getting out a few of them, I sure questioned my color choices at the time. lol
I'm particularly fond of the Santa on the left. I think it's due to his gentle face and kindness to feeding the reindeer.
This is another one of my favs.. his pouch full of puppies puts a smile on my face. I think some little girl or boy is going to be very happy with the gifts left for them. :-))
Look at that face. How could you possibly resist taking this cutey home.
"Ah Santa... do I have to help pull the sleigh tonight"?
Oops!!! I think he might be pouting.. I think Santa said, "Yes"! you have to help pull the sleigh tonight.
Some lucky little girl is going to get a doll carriage full of goodies.
This picture didn't turn out the best, obviously, but I think you can see the dolly that goes with the carriage and the bear.

This beauty is a music box and plays Here Comes Santa Claus. A couple of years ago while checking out garage sales he was found in the bottom of a box. What a treasure. I think that box of goodies cost me $2.00.

Close up
After choosing what Santa's I wanted go on the shelves. I felt it still needed just a touch of something. Well, naturally; I chose bits of Christmas greenery. lol

I purchased this nativity set after Christmas last year. I thought the top shelf was the perfect spot for it.

This is one of my latest purchases. Are you familiar with Touchstone catalog? You can go to the website here for your viewing pleasure. I receive it all the time plus emails. While pouring through their catalog a couple of weeks I spotted this beauty. The cost was $85.00. Yikes!! Way out of my budget. Ironically enough, Hobby Lobby had their Christmas items on sale half off. Now, that's my kind of shopping.. lol I got this beauty for $35.00. He is out of the Robert Stanley Collection.
The details are incredible. I sure hope my name is on his list. :-))
It's time to lock the door on this little project.
So, there you have my contribution to this weeks Metamorphosis Monday. Be sure to swing by Susan's for a full list of those participating. I can't wait to check it out. I'll see you there.
~hugs ~lynne~

A Wee Bit of Bling

In my "make" believe world I would have bling hanging from the ceiling in every room. But, in my "real" world that just isn't possible. So, I've done the next best thing.
A while back I found this hanging "candle" chandelier. I got a heck of a deal on it and it immediately came home with me. After getting it here I had issues of trying to figure out how in the world I was going to hang it. Do you ever have those problems? Oh, I could have hung it from the ceilings, but the height of our ceilings and the size of this cutey, it would have gotten lost. So, I left well enough alone until I came up with a solution. Then, "boom" like a bomb going off it finally came to me. I rushed downstairs and brought up the base for a hanging birdhouse. Off came the birdhouse and on went the chandelier. Perfect!I searched high and low for the perfect "red" candles. I wanted them to go with the gorgeous sunflowers and the poinsettias that take their place. These candles are by Root and I believe the name is Collonette. (At the time I took these pictures you can see the beautiful red sunflowers in the copper pot. Now the pot is full of red poinsettias and beautiful white spikes). lol I can almost envision it hanging from the

So, in my real world I have some bling. lol Even though it's candle operated, I love it. I hope you enjoyed a peak into my world of bling. I've sure enjoyed having you stop by. Now, I'm off to do some more Christmas decorating. It's starting to drip around here like chocolate off an ice cream cone. Yes, I'm having a ball going all out this year. I know I'm a bit early with the Christmas decor. I honestly can't believe I'm putting it up before Thanksgiving. But, for some reason this year I have a feeling I must. I must go all out and make the house as festive as ever. :-))
So, during these rough financial times we all find ourselves in, let's remember the true reason for the season. For all of us to be truly thankful, for health, family and happiness. I'm truly blessed for all the friendships I've formed over this past year and the new ones I hope to form. Most of all I'm thankful Mr. P is doing well right now, we pray for those days to continue. So....Whatever you're doing I hope you're having as much fun as I am. May God Bless each and everyone of you and your families.
hugs ~lynne~