Monday, December 19, 2011

~ Silver in the Living Room ~

I purchased the sofa table many years ago specifically for this half wall. On the other side are the stairs that lead to the office, and shop. I would love for their to be spindles and a beautiful railing instead of the "half wall". Just another one of those many things added to the "want" list. Looking at these pictures I realized I "need" a picture on the back wall. Do you ever do that? Critique your areas and realize they need just a "little" something else? Looks like another item just got added to the "want" list. :-))

In years past I've decorated in reds and golds. This year I decided to bring out the silver. I purchased the trees a couple of years ago, they fit in perfectly with the silver and red theme.
I love glass compotes full of Christmas ornaments. The mercury glass ornaments are vintage, been around a very long time.
The faux snow softens the hard scape of the glass and adds more interest.
Guess I could have mixed a few of the red ornaments with the silver, quite frankly I love the simplicity of the mercury glass.

My collection of magnifying glasses has grown over the years, they are through out the house in many vignettes. I love the patina of the handles. The mix of metals along with the blue makes the tabletop vignette exciting and fun. I love using items that touch my heart when putting together a vignette.

Thank you for stopping in today, until next time.....