Wednesday, January 11, 2012

~ Enjoying Our Fall Like Weather and Cardinal Beauty ~

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy do a lot of organizing, pitching and revamping of things in the house. I've made "tons" of progress. I know many of you share all the details, guess if I was a better blogger I would think to take those before shots. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't work fast enough, I think of taking pictures after the fact. I'll have lots to share with you on all of that soon, I hope you'll keep checking back to see what I've been up to behind the scenes.
In the mean time we've had some great January weather, almost fall like outside. The dogs and I have shared many afternoon walks. They say this afternoon that is suppose to change to more winter like temperatures, I don't mind really. Not wanting a repeat performance of last winter's snow, I wouldn't mind seeing just a flurry or two.

Last Sunday I finally got the bird feeder out. Mr. P spends a lot of time at the kitchen table looking out and enjoying the birds dropping in for visits. I've tried for a very long time to get some decent pictures of the cardinals that stop in. Standing inside looking out I was lucky enough to get these shots.

The way I was holding the camera it appears as though the birdbath looks like it's leaning, I promise it's not that crooked.. lol

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm off to open the shop and check in all the new Spring items arriving daily.  Yah! Looking forward to transforming the shop from after Christmas folly to some Spring beauty. I'm hoping inside those orders are the finishing touches for the dining room. I shared HERE a hint of things to come. I'm so excited, I feel like the room is finally coming full circle to the way I really want it to be. I hope you'll check back for that transformation. 

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