Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farewell to Summer and a Repost for Tablescape Thursday Has Gone to the Birds and the Bugs...

Yippee, it's Thursday, time for Tablescape Thursday and some beautiful tablescapes. Once again hosted by Susan over at Be sure to stop by for a full list of participants. You'll find some beautiful tables full of inspiration. Sometimes life gets in the way of play time and this has been another one of those weeks. So I chose to re-post an earlier tablescape. In this tablescape I used more springy flowers and dishes. This is my farewell to summer. Time to bring out more Fall like dishes. If you haven't seen it before I hope you enjoy it, and if you have seen it before I hope you enjoy seeing it once again.

On a cloudy, dreary day what better thing to look at than some beautiful tulips. This week I chose these beautiful red tulips for the centerpiece. (Even though they look orange here, not sure what's up with that). Centered in a concrete urn dressed around the edges with some Spanish moss.

Table set for 4 with a bit of the outdoors.

The salt and pepper shakers are the perfect match for the china. Topped with a tulip bud and adorned with flowers all around.

Close up..

Isn't the base of the urn gorgeous? I received this last summer when I helped a friend with her wedding. She had it filled full of some of the most beautiful cut flowers. This was long before my blogging days were even thought of.. so I hope I'm not fired for not having a picture. lol

The small ceramic bird is the perfect gift for each guest as they leave for the evening.

Oh goodness, the tulips have been invaded by ladybugs. Is that normal? Ladybugs are my most favorite bug. If a person can have a favorite

I choice green napkins with these gorgeous silver napkin rings.. See girls.. it's in the shape of a crown.. I got my crown after all.. lol. (not sure what's up with the camera but these sure look navy to me, do they to you? I think I'm going to have to cave and pray a new camera comes my way).

As the desert plate I chose the leaf with grapes. I thought this continued the outdoor theme.

Close up..

I recently spotted this set of china on line. The pattern is called Butterfly Meadow by Lenox. Now, did I get them on line? Oh no! Much too high for my meager budget. I spotted these at TJ MAXX recently. I 'm waiting oh so patiently for the rest of the set to come in.. lol Aren't they gorgeous? Notice the ladybug? :-))

I love anything having to do with the outdoors and mother nature. So I've added a leaf ball.

As well as a birds nest.

Looking up..

Candle glow..

My bargain of the century last fall were these great pieces of flatware. I picked up the bone, green and chocolate sets. This week I felt the green worked well with the tablescape.

I added this darling bird on the ceramic gazing ball. I've perched her on another concrete base to give her some height. Isn't she just the cutest?

Oh goodness, the bugs are back once again...

Have you figured out what it actually is? Would you like a hint? Nah... Oh.. Okay!! glass.... :-)

From above..

The chargers were purchased from J.C. Penny's after Christmas and were a deal and a half.. I have a friend scouting for some others I've fallen love with that are even prettier and more dainty. I believe it's showing off it's beauty with that shine.. lol These pictures don't do the details of the beading around the edges justice. Ooops!! I believe we've got a double shot going on here...
Oh goodness.. those pesky ladybugs.. :-)

Did you finally figure it out? Ahhh... for those of you that haven't you have to come back tomorrow for the answer... lol My daughter knows the love I have for ladybugs, these were a gift many years ago. I decided they worked with the china so decided to stick them in the tulips.. :-))

Thanks again to Susan over at http://betweenapsontheporch.blogspot/ for hosting another great Tablescape Thursday. I'm sure you're wondering what we're having for dinner? Ummmm.. I hope you come for a visit tomorrow to find out what's for dinner and the answer to the lady bug mystery.. I'm off to see more of the beautiful tablescapes.. see you there.

hugs ~lynne~