Saturday, October 22, 2011

~ Tiny Bits of Fall Here and There ~

I feel like a bouncing ball these past few days. I've finished the fall decorating in our home, and have started the Christmas decorating in the shop. Our temperatures this weekend are suppose to be phenomenal, my plans are to get the outside greenery hung around the shop. What are your plans for the weekend?
Sometimes small touches make more of an impact than larger ones. I added gourds to the silver tray for a punch of fall and color.

Just for fun, an ice bucket full of sunflowers.

One of my favorite squirrels was brought in from another room, adding a couple of pumpkins for color tops off the vignette. The little squirrel really needs some nuts on his tray, but I felt they would get lost against all the dark wood. However, nothing stays the same around here for long, the next picture of this vignette may look entirely different. lol
I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful Fall Saturday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~ A Girl's Just Gotta Have Fun ~

WoW ! It's been a busy few days around here. You know how it is when you have 4 thousand projects going at once, OK maybe not that many but quite a few. Some were accomplished others on hold in the "still pending file", a few others are in the "dream file". I'm sure you have those sorts of files, what would we do without them ? Would be a pretty boring life huh?

OK... on with today's post. :-)) This time of year I try to make Saturday shopping more fun than it normally is. Naturally the coffee pot is always on...
Do you drink yours black? Need a bit of cream or sugar???
If I have time I like to add a few goodies to eat. This weeks goodies were chocolate chip bars.
To add to the fun this past weekend I had a treasure hunt of sorts. I put 2 "blue dots" on "something", and you had to search for it. If found you won the item of the day. This gal thought if she used the magnifying glass she might locate the treasure.

Are they discussing the thrill of the hunt, planning their strategy or just visiting? Inquiring minds want to know..

Could it possibly be here?
No! It's here! I found it.... Terry's sister found the Mixture candle in the Vintage glass with the 2 blue dots. Yah!

Isn't she a cutie??? I fell in love with her sweater jacket!
The group!! Terry the second from the right had set the day up a couple of weeks ago. Terry says they normally have more that get together for a day, maybe next time it will work out for all of them to come. These girls know how to have a great time, we laughed and laughed, they were just so much fun!
Terry, thank you for bringing the girls out. I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I did having you. Hope to see all of you soon, don't forget the Holiday Open House is right around the corner. Call the girls let's have another fun-filled day in the shop.
Before you leave, please help yourselves to another cup of coffee and a cookie.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

~ Enjoying Simple Pleasures ~

Mother Nature has sure been showing off her beauty these past few days. I've seen alot of those beautiful pictures across blogland. I'm hoping to get out in our area this weekend to see if I can get some local shots to share with you.
The Austree trees were planted about 12 years ago, fast growing trees they line the drive before you turn into the shop. The other day while out walking I noticed 1 lone tree starting to turn. Yes folks, out of 10 trees only 1 has decided to share it's beauty with us.

Naturally Murphy wants to be a part of the walk. :-))

I hope you're out and about today enjoying
this beautiful fall weather.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~ Tea on the Porch ~

This time of year with the days getting shorter and "eventually" cooler, dining on the front porch is getting far and few between. I like to take every opportunity I can to enjoy the great outdoors. Today let's head to the front porch for a spot of tea.
I switched back and forth between the Toile tea set and a heavier brown with acorns. With the light breeze blowing I wanted to keep the setting light so we're using the English Brown Toile, you know how I love my Toile.

A dainty cup and saucer to fill and use, it will help chase away the blues.
The simplicity of the glass candle urn becomes a timeless decorating staple.
I used these darling acorns and nuts as a filler around the candle. The candle is the infamous candle on a timer. I love the scent of a candle burning and use them as well, but when the wind is blowing outside these beauties are perfect and safe.

Sugar anyone?

I didn't have a solid brown tablecloth, or even black, I wanted something fallish, warm and inviting. After looking around the house I chose the throw we usually use inside to snuggle under while watching t.v. After a quick laundering outside it came. I think the selection was a good one. I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and use the "unexpected" for your tablecloths.
The single leaf napkin ring dresses the gold and black napkins.

Rich, rich deep fall colors.
Please help yourself. On Monday I spent the day in the kitchen, making banana bread for Mr. P and chocolate chip cookie bars for Bailey then meatloaf for dinner. I saved back some goodies just for you.
~ Yummy ~

While munching on a cookie I brought out a book for you to look through. This is a great book in the study of setting traditional tables with beautiful antiques, tableware and accessories.

Stay a while, I'll pour you some more tea....
My goodness yes, you must have another cookie or two....
We'll have a nice long visit , catch up on things and visit about the book. :-))