Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~ Eye Catching Details ~

Hello, hope you're all having a fabulous day, we've had another gorgeous day here.
Let me start off by telling you I "think" I have the issue with you being able to leave comments resolved. After a very lengthy conversation with a great computer Guru we  finally came to the root of the problem. It appears that on Internet Explorer you must have 3rd party cookies Enabled, if you haven't done this, you can go to Start, Internet Options, Advanced Setting, Hit override Automatic Cookie Handling then click Accept in First and Third Party cookies. Be sure to click ok for your settings to be complete. I had already allowed First and Third Party cookies so I was fine on that score. On my blog I also had to change the comment section back to the pop up window instead of embedding it below the post. Now, there are a few other steps I could have taken like backing it up reverting the widget and all sorts of things, I think for now I'm going to leave well enough alone and see if this enables you to comment without problems. If this doesn't work I might just totally "loose" it, not really but I've sure come close to it. If any of you are still having problems please email me, inbox me on face book, or shout it from the highest hill so I can move onto the next step.
 ( I promise not to jump off the edge).
I hope this explains what I had to do on my end, if you're having trouble leaving comments on other blogs as well as mine you may have to follow the above steps to correct the situation.

On to today's post. If you 've been a follower on my blog for any time at all you know I adore Mary Carol Garrity and her style of decorating. Mary Carol owns a store at Briarcliff in Kansas City and 2 in Atchison, Kansas. Her stores are full of fine pieces of furniture and great accessories. There's something for every one's tastes and budget, her store feeds your desires and inspires you to go home and make changes. Before I go on let me preface this with saying I'm not being compensated for this post, I just wanted to share a few things from the last time I was at Nell Hill's in Briarcliff.
My style of decorating leans more on the lines of Traditional, another reason I love shopping at Nell Hill's. This time you saw things from a different perspective, you felt as though you were in another country.
You were immediately drawn to all the cloche domes. They were everywhere used in some pretty unique ways. I'll tell you I was a "very good girl" I did not feed my obsession and purchase another one, have to admit it was tough. Don't you love the glass tiered centerpiece? It was "gorgeous". I especially liked the change from a typical place mat or charger to the use of the platter as a charger. I'll have to put that one in the 'ole memory bank.
The design of the compote gives an airy feel and allows you to see through to the beauty on the other side of the table.
If you love dishes like I do you would have been in heaven, there were tablescapes set up everywhere. Using objects outside the box as centerpieces make a tablescape a lot more interesting. The glass mercury glass urn with the silver candlesticks are a great mix of metals.
With the use of another beautiful platter as a charger Mary Carols' team added a small mirror with the taller vase on top. Practicality is thrown out the window with the use of the mirror and adds yet another texture to the table.

No it's not your eyes or your computer screen, I was using my small pocket camera to take a shot of the beautiful crackled candle holder. The use of mercury glass and silver around the table breaks up the stark white and cream.
In another room a more casual table was set with the use of the white wicker tray instead of a place mat. Genius love this idea, wish I had purchased  a couple of these. I didn't look at the price, that might have changed my mind all together. I'm going to keep my eyes open for something similar and borrow this idea, don't you just love it?

Again with the blurry pictures, I will take my other camera in next time. I found this interesting with the use of the mercury globes under the cloche domes. The green urn was quite tall, setting on a cake stand added to it's height, more for a statement I think than an actual centerpiece.

A quick shot of the leaf shaped dish. Loved this, I didn't look at the price of this one either. Remember Walmart having some last fall with beautiful fall colors? Love the green color and the sweet Ramekin, there were a lot of these in just about any color your heart desired.

I had to share a picture of this eye catching chair and ottoman. It is absolutely "goooorregous". I'm not in the market for a new chair, that doesn't stop a gal from admiring it's beauty does it? I had to check out the price, I gasped, coughed and stepped back.. $1149.00 WAY out of my price range, I wasn't foolish enough to check the price of the ottoman. If a person had the room you would certainly have to have both pieces. {sigh}

Mary Carol is known for her use of urns inside her home and her shops. I fell in love with the glass shaped urns. They were gorgeous, some pricey others more reasonable.
Could you tell what country you had been transported to via cyberspace? If you guessed Scandinavia you were correct. Most of Briarcliff was full of the Scandinavian style furniture and table settings. Breathing brightness into spaces and filled with color.

Lighter colors on furniture pieces as well as upholstery reflect the long darkness the Scandinavians live quite a few months out of the year.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the tablescapes Mary Carol's team put together at Briarcliffe. If you're ever in the Kansas City area it's well worth your time to stop by. If you're lucky like I was Mary Carol will be there and you'll get to have a short visit with her. As she zoomed in the door you could tell she was on a mission but stopped to speak and said she remembered seeing me at her open house in Atchison. Woo-Hoo!! I'm remembered, lol. Folks I haven't been to Atchison in almost a year. She must have quite the memory, thousands of people visit her home twice a year. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Don't forget to give me a shout out as well, I'll try to meet up with you and have a day of fun.

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