Sunday, July 8, 2012

~ Adding Touches of White and Cream ~

What a glorious sound we woke to this morning, lots of thunder and rain. The rhythm of the falling rain was music to our ears. Although short lived, it was a beautiful sight. Like all of you we are desperate for rain around our parts of the country. The clouds are still heavy, winds are blowing slightly, the ferns are doing a happy dance swinging back and forth on the porch. Going from 106 yesterday to temperatures in the 80's feels wonderful. 
A while back I made a wee change in the kitchen. I love monogrammed anything, doesn't have to have our last initial on it for me to pick it up. 
Searching the back archives was an adventure in itself trying to locate a picture of the existing wall before you head into the pantry. This picture is from about 4 years ago, talk about dated. lol  You can see a portion of the rooster curtains, they'll be gone soon. I'm in the process of making new ones.  Due to the catastrophe in the shop, that project got put on hold for a wee bit longer. Can't wait to show you the new fabric I choose, talk about a transformation coming your way. I hope you'll check back soon to see the change. (Ignore the basket, and air purifier, those are now gone and a set of rooster trunks have taken their place). 
Isn't it gorgeous? Definitely time for a change.
I started collecting white and cream platters a while back, and have had them scattered through out the kitchen. One Sunday afternoon I got a wild hair to hang 3 of them. Getting a decent shot of this area was not easy, the lighting just isn't right to show of their true beauty. I am loving the change it created.

Don't you love the details?

My favorite. I love the shape and monogram. So elegant.
Sometimes it's the small changes that pack the biggest wallop. I'm off to do more packing in the shop. I've been working like crazy to be ready for these guys when they come back on Monday. Have a great day everyone.
hugs ~Lynne~

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