Saturday, July 21, 2012

~ Baby Steps and Some Progress ~

Hi Everyone, 
What a gorgeous morning we had in our part of the country.  Long range forecast promises another heat wave for next week. I know many of us are wondering when all this heat is going to end. 
 There's been a bit of progress with the work in the shop. The movers came in last week the day it was 106 to move all the merchandise and furniture out. Let me tell you these guys picked it up and put it down. 2 short hours later they had both pods loaded, sure took me a LOT longer to wrap everything, pack it and label the boxes. :-)
 They loaded them a little tighter than I would like to have seen done. I only pray there isn't any further damage to anything.
The days seem to have run together, after they loaded the pods the next day the guy was here to scrap up all the old carpet. I also decided now was the perfect time to get some wiring done. Something that has been put off for way too long, a lot being done inside as well as.....
 The outside. I didn't have an outside light here at the door to greet customers as they came in. While all the wiring was being done, I "splurged" a bit and had our electrician wire for it as well.
 Meet Jerry our local electrician.
 Working as a team Jerry and his wife Betty install the new outside light fixture.

 Purchased from our local Home Depot, the light fixture made by Hampton Bay co-ordinates well with the outside yard lights.
 Let there be light!
I'm sure to many this isn't the most exciting renovation, to me it means the world. I keep telling Mr. P I'm going to be modern in the shop. I have outlets for days now. They are scheduled to come in tomorrow to unload the pods. There are over 300 boxes of merchandise wrapped and packed, along with all the display pieces, the real work and fun will begin as soon they are finished. I can hardly wait to share with you the new displays and merchandise, it will take a couple of days but so worth it. Many many thanks for all of you hanging in with me during this process, it means the world.
hugs ~lynne ~
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Friday, July 13, 2012

~ Continuing Saga ~

Wow! Finally a break from the heat wave. The last couple of days we've had temps in the lower 90's with virtually no humidity. We've all been on melt down around here. Main street has been a ghost town, even the restaurants were slow. I'm not sure how long it's suppose to last, we haven't hit mid July yet, August and parts of September can sometimes be just as brutal.

Packing up a shop full of merchandise is a daunting task, for a small shop there is a LOT of merchandise here. I spent all of Friday afternoon, the whole weekend and part of Monday getting it packed and labeled. I wanted to pack like things together so when I unpack it will be like getting in new shipments of merchandise. My hands, fingers and neck are so sore I can't even tell you. Mr. Arthur, his cousin Itis and any other family member related to the Itis brothers is rearing it's ugly head. Work must go on, so lots of Bayer and a long soak at night helps.

I've noticed over the last couple of days I've lost some followers, I'm sorry to see you go. I apologize for not having the time to get around to return visits let alone put together a post. Life is more hectic than normal right now. With all of this going on in the shop Mr. P has struggled with trying to keep up and follow each time I try to share with him what's happening in the shop. It's a rough time for him. I know he would give anything in the world to be able to help, he just can't. Bless his heart he just nods, smiles and says yeah right...

This week they took out the damage furniture and art pieces to be repaired. The base of the antique kitchen cabinet, the black piece that sits at the end of the day bed in the office. As well as the antique potty, a picture my Grandmother left us, and my Betty's table. The picture in front was a birthday gift from my Aunt Patty many many years ago.
Servpro has been wonderful through out this whole process. They've been so accommodating and caring about my things as well as my feelings. It shouldn't be too much longer and things should get back to semi-normal around here. The carpet and flooring for the powder room has been chosen, the pods and movers scheduled. I have a couple of things I'm working on so in a couple of weeks or so I should be up and running in new surroundings. Yippee Skippy!!
I still walk the dogs each evening, not over plush green grass as you can see, but over crunchy brown cracked ground. Our area is in a terrible drought. The farmers up north are already cutting what little corn they have. I'm not sure how the Crepe Myrtle bush is staying so green and lush, I couldn't pass up taking a shot of the one lone bloom.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the emails and those of you that take the time to stop by for a visit. I apologize for not getting back to you in a timely fashion, at the end of the day I'm totally and mentally just too worn out. I'll share the updates of the shop after it's completed. It's time to get things back on track 
and post fun, bright and happy things, not a room full of packed boxes or damaged furniture. 
hugs ~lynne ~
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

~ Adding Touches of White and Cream ~

What a glorious sound we woke to this morning, lots of thunder and rain. The rhythm of the falling rain was music to our ears. Although short lived, it was a beautiful sight. Like all of you we are desperate for rain around our parts of the country. The clouds are still heavy, winds are blowing slightly, the ferns are doing a happy dance swinging back and forth on the porch. Going from 106 yesterday to temperatures in the 80's feels wonderful. 
A while back I made a wee change in the kitchen. I love monogrammed anything, doesn't have to have our last initial on it for me to pick it up. 
Searching the back archives was an adventure in itself trying to locate a picture of the existing wall before you head into the pantry. This picture is from about 4 years ago, talk about dated. lol  You can see a portion of the rooster curtains, they'll be gone soon. I'm in the process of making new ones.  Due to the catastrophe in the shop, that project got put on hold for a wee bit longer. Can't wait to show you the new fabric I choose, talk about a transformation coming your way. I hope you'll check back soon to see the change. (Ignore the basket, and air purifier, those are now gone and a set of rooster trunks have taken their place). 
Isn't it gorgeous? Definitely time for a change.
I started collecting white and cream platters a while back, and have had them scattered through out the kitchen. One Sunday afternoon I got a wild hair to hang 3 of them. Getting a decent shot of this area was not easy, the lighting just isn't right to show of their true beauty. I am loving the change it created.

Don't you love the details?

My favorite. I love the shape and monogram. So elegant.
Sometimes it's the small changes that pack the biggest wallop. I'm off to do more packing in the shop. I've been working like crazy to be ready for these guys when they come back on Monday. Have a great day everyone.
hugs ~Lynne~

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

~ Saturday's Activites and A Small Update ~

Good morning everyone, I hope you're inside staying cool. It's like a steam bath outside our home. The weather man says we're looking at a 106 and better today. Everything around here is burning up. I keep the flowers watered on the porch and back patio, the rest I've had to let go.
With it the temps being so hot I'm not sure how this beauty has hung on. Out of all the cone flowers I have this is the one lone one is still showing off it's beauty.

A small update to the water damage in the office and shop area. 
This is what my office looks like at the present time. This is one of the four dehumidifiers they have running. The second photo shows a wee bit of the shop area as well as the third photo. 
The black pieces are the entertainment center that normally sit in the office. They brought in boxes, paper and bubble wrap for me to start packing up the shop. The carpet has to be replaced. They'll be bringing in Pods next week to move all of this out to lay the new carpet. I'm not sure what day that will be. I decided to start packing things up to get a head start on the process. The longer this situation goes on the longer I'm closed. Folks that is NOT a good thing. 

So.... this is how I'll be spending my weekend days. Wrapping and packing.

This evening I'll have the fans going on the front porch enjoying the view and my beloved Miss Scooter. What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you can stay in where it's cool doing something you enjoy.

hugs ~lynne~
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

~ Red White & Blue ~

Happy 4th Everyone,
 I hope you're having a splendid celebration. I pulled some pictures from the archives this week to join in on the parties. Most of you know I've been dealing with the latest catastrophe around here. A little update:
Serve Pro has their equipment in here drying everything up. I met with the adjuster, have a few more meetings with him. Now the waiting game begins. The shop and office is in total disarray, all in all it could have been a lot worse. Life goes on. 
 Nothing says the 4th like red white and blue.
Remember the days of buying pop in a bottle, usually out of an old soda pop machine? My daddy used to have one in his gas station, those bottles slid over and you lifted them up. Talk about the good 'ole days.
 A cream pitcher from my collection holds daisies, picks to mimic fireworks and our American flag.

 Hooray for the Red White and Blue!

hugs ~ Lynne ~
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