Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~Returning Guests~

It's been a while since we've seen our deer friends this close to the house. I noticed them late yesterday evening and rushed to get my camera. I snuck out as quietly as I could hoping not to disturb them. To no avail their ears perked up and I was spotted. I hurriedly snapped several shots, I apologize for the poor quality of these photos, as I said I was spotted and had to hurry before they scampered off over the fence. As large as these fine animals are, it amazes me at how graceful they can be.
The one to the right is licking the ground where the salt block has disappeared.
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You can tell even by the poor quality of these photos, we're only seeing hints of green in our area. Today it's a cold damp 39 degrees. Many of us are wondering if Spring will ever hit our area full force. Yesterday as I was out on errands I noticed one lone tree trying to bloom, and a few jonquils but that's about it. Do you have trees budding out with blooms and lots of flowering plants in the yard blooming? I'm looking forward to seeing your great outdoor spaces.

On another note, thank all of you for your words of encouragement. As many of you know our lives is like a roller coaster ride around here. For the most part lately we've been up, but occasionally we have the downward cycle, we're out of that now and moving back up again, and sometimes if we listen hard enough we can hear the music.

hugs ~lynne~