Thursday, January 15, 2009

How about a little fun?

Some of you may remember Miss Scooter from RMS days. This was the photo of her right after she ate the chocolate and had me scared for 3 days. Thank goodness no major harm came from that incident. So, I decided to send her picture to a museum and they were kind enough to accommodate me and hang her on the wall.. (just kidding lol) See, hanging in a museum next to a Monet.. well almost.. I discovered the sweetest blog the other night http://mypetitemaison.blogspot/, be sure to stop by and tell her hello, she'll be glad you came. She was kind enough to share the sight to put your pet in a museum setting. Do you have a pet that is worthy to hang on the wall of a museum? Of course you do, all our pets are museum worthy. Have fun with this.. here's the sight: