Wednesday, May 16, 2012

~ Crisp Yellow, Blue and White ~

Searching through the archives I first posted this tablescape in 2009. I love the colors as much now as I did then.
Place mats are from a company I deal with in the shop. The quality is topnotch, the variety of colors and patterns are endless. The deep yellow and blue play well off the white charger from J.C. Penney's. Napkins are from TJ Maxx.
The yellow and blue dishes were purchased from Pier 1 on a shopping trip with Mr. P's Aunt Myrtie many years ago. I can recall her laughing and laughing at me while I poured through all the dishes. I was like a kid in a candy store, you see that was my first trip to a Pier 1. Can you say I lead a very sheltered life? Well yes you can. 

Don't you love the romance of a candle on a table? 

Blue stemware by Libby adds a touch of upscale class to a semi casual table. 

Ready for some fried chicken. 

From above....

You never know when and where you're going to find bargain flatware. Strolling the isles of the Dollar General the cart came to a screeching halt when I spotted this gorgeous blue flatware. Now, it's not the "best" quality but it sure is pretty. :)

Coffee anyone?

The famous Target birds.

When I chose the daisies for the white pitcher as the centerpiece it reminded me of the Doris Day movie,
Please Don't Eat the Daisies. Do you remember the movie? I miss those types of movies, full on innocence, lots of laughter and music. Doris could sure sing couldn't she?

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