Monday, August 23, 2010

My Basket is Full !

I love the changing of the seasons, and love to reflect those changes inside my home. This past weekend I got busy and started adding a few touches here and there.
After our sale I've moved quite a few things around trying to fill in the empty spaces. The picture was hung early in the spring and I felt it was missing something. I shopped the house for the "perfect" thing to anchor it a bit more. I knew I needed something I could fill and add some height too. The black basket filled the bill. After going through my personal batch of florals I came up with this display. It seems the further I got the more I added. lol

With the basket having so much height, I felt it needed a bit hanging off the edges for more balance. This whimsical floral was just perfect, the colors are gorgeous!

You may recall me saying I'd gotten some great bittersweet in the shop recently, this is one of those great picks. The color is so deep and luscious.

Now, I'm ready to start on the bistro table and the washstand. Once those areas are complete I'll share the whole vignette with you. I'm off to put a few more touches of Fall here and there. As always, thank you for swinging in to say hello.. Until next time.....
hugs ~lynne~