Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How much is that doggy in the window?

Well girls, I don't treat "myself" often. But sometimes I just have "no" will power. I discovered that Nell Hill's was carrying the cutest Staffordshire Dogs.. Have you ever been to Nell Hill's or heard of her or read her books? Oh my goodness, Mary Carol Garrity is just the sweetest thing. She has 3 stores in Atchinson, Kansas and her latest adventure is in Briarcliff Village which is in Kansas City.. if you get a chance check out her web page at

Anyhoo, while talking with a friend the other day on the phone she was sharing with me that she had stopped by Nell Hill's at the Briarcliff location and had seen the cutest Staffordshire dogs. Now I fell in love with these when I first saw them on Picklepoo's site on RMS, fondly known as Sheila over at . Never in a million years thinking I would ever be able to afford one or have one in my home.

My daughter lives fairly close to the location and I asked her if she wouldn't mind running by and checking them out for me. She was not impressed. :-( Kept saying they weren't me, couldn't see them in my home.. Couldn't believe I would want something as silly looking as this. WELL... I asked her to shoot me a picture via her cell phone..that being said; she did and we waited and waited for the picture to come thru and to no picture.. She had to leave and go pick up her son.. She no more than hung up the phone and "Bing" the email thingy mabobbie went off and I had mail.. Yep per, there was the picture of the dog in all it's glory. Let that be a lesson my friends, you can't send a picture and have the person on the other end view it until you hang up the phone. :-) I told her YES.. it was exactly what I wanted would she mind going back over to pick it up for me. Well.. I had to wait until the next day, they closed at 6 and it was already after 6. I was really worried they would sell out before I got the dog I was obsessing over. She called the next afternoon and her and the grandson made another "special " trip down to pick up my precious dog. :-) But alas, I had to wait 2 more days until she could deliver it.

Look! Here's the proof!! Nell Hill's right on the front of the bag. :-)

Let me unwrap this ever so carefully. It made it all the way down here in the back seat of a car. I sure don't want to break it now.

Oh my goodness!!! Isn't it just darling? I can barely contain myself.. My daughter and the grand kids stood there stunned shaking their heads at my reaction. OK! So.. maybe I did look a bit on the silly side.. But for crying out loud girls I was "excited" !!

Let's see.. He looks pretty good here on the metal pedestal. However, I can just see the grandson or DH marooning down the hallway and my new little dog falling off and getting broke. So, I believe it would be a good idea to find another place for him.

He does make a statement setting here in all his glory doesn't he? ummmmm

Although I like him on the pedestal I think he'd be better off in another area of our home. I trot around the house. OK girls.. we know I'm new to this blogging thing and I should have taken pictures of the places I thought he might work. lol. So, hang in there with me. You never know where you might see him show up! And for the moment his home is in the toile room. I think he looks great here. What do you think? He likes sharing the spot light with Gloria's lamp. :-)

Now you would think that anybody that loved books as much as I do would have put the new dog on top of Mary Carol's books. Well.... I would have if they weren't packed away. They were down in the office that got flooded in August.. That issue is still not resolved, so once it is, they'll come upstairs and take their place of honor with the dog and Gloria's lamp.

He's such a beauty.. I'm so glad I decided I to ask my daughter to stop by and pick it up for me !!! I hope you enjoyed another look inside our home.. By the way, my daughter admitted that it looks better here than in the store!!! :-) Thanks Pat for the info on finding this beautiful dog!!