Sunday, October 4, 2009

~~~Curly Feet~~~

Life moves on around here. It's time I pick myself up, dust myself off and smile. These past few days have been pretty hectic ones. Mr. P. is doing okay once again. I've gone back to work , putting in some pretty long hours. We cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful comments, emails, phone calls and sweet cards. I'm over whelmed by all the love that pours from all of you wonderful blogger's.

So.... let's get to it! Each day brings us one day closer to the week of the 1 year Blog0versary. So, the quest to fill the giveaway basket must continue. The week of the Blogoversary I'll reveal the details of how you can have a chance to win all the goodies.
What a set of legs! Or is that a toe? hmmmm

What has a hole in the middle and 3 legs? I ask you! Anyone have an answer?

Or is it legs we're looking at?

Any "wild" guesses? Are they legs, curly feet or something a whole lot more fun? Only the reveal will tell you for sure... lol :-))
Stayed tuned there's more fun to come.

hugs ~lynne~