Sunday, October 2, 2011

~ Grandma's Room Revealed ~

 Do you name your rooms? I've named ours for years. Grandma's room came about when Mr. P's mother started staying summers with us, then she moved in for a short time.  I was so fortunate to have a terrific MIL, I loved her so much. Her name was Mabel, to me that sounded a tad impersonal, because there are so many Grandchildren I stared calling her Grandma, if she was still with us this would be Grandma's room. Let's get on with the reveal....
 This is how the room appeared in July of 2008. I remember trying unsuccessfully to upload the pictures to Rate My Space, it was taking forever. If you would like to see those pictures in their entirety you can go HERE. Looking at those pictures and the room it appears now I cannot believe the mishmash look. Then again, You might think this is a mishmash, I like the way it looks now so much better, more cohesive.
The bed before was full size, it belonged to my Grandmother beautiful as it was, I felt it was too small for guests to sleep in comfortably. I fell in love with this bed when it came in over at my other job, with it being Queen size it works much better now. 
I purchased the Toile bedding about 7 years ago. Maybe outdated to some, I still love it. Not wanting to stay all black and white I chose to add red into the mix.
Just to left of the bed is this darling print, when I was still working at the other job it came in with a slight flaw.. I kept looking it over didn't find a flaw, they offered it to me at a discount price and I jumped on it. I knew with the touch of red it would work well in this room.
I found this darling pillow through Penney's. I wanted a few more pillows on the bed, however I didn't want it matchey matchey, I felt this was a good coordinate.

I've used plates on my walls forever as art.  Having an affection for trays I decided to marry it with the plates. It felt a bit undressed until I added the small sconce above the tray, pulling the collage together.
To the right of the bed sits this beautiful marble top chest. When I purchased the bed I really didn't think I would have room to work this beauty in, you see the room isn't all that large, about 12x12.
Just a few things on top...

If you've been a visitor to the blog for awhile, I'm sure you know why I purchased this picture, it could be the twin to my Murphy dog.
Close up of the draperies, 2 pair one check one toile.
I purchased this cabinet 32 years ago as a Christmas gift for Mr. P. It's original use was for his guns, yes folks this used to be a gun cabinet. With all the grandchildren running around he purchased 2 gun safes to house his collection, that freed this beauty up for another use, and I felt more comfortable with the guns housed some where else.  I had him put shelves in, I then stained them and Volia' ,  I now have a cabinet to showcase some of my treasures. lol

Just inside the door to your left sits this antique dresser. When I purchased it, it was in pretty bad shape. I've painted it before, that time in white. A while back on my black kick, I stained it black, removed the original handles and added the glass knobs.
The top of the dresser houses treasures that personally hold sentimental value to me.

I adore tassles, when I spotted this one at Hobby Lobby it jumped into my cart. Hmmmm imagine that. lol

Even though the room is small I managed to work in a small sitting area. Not one to follow the rules I love to mix fabrics up. After working around the chair and ottoman for quite sometime, I finally figured out just where it would fit into my home. It's actually a companion piece for the sofa in the sun porch. I really didn't want this chair out there, once I measured about a dozen times, I knew it would fit into this room. Now, the night the guys brought all of the furniture they didn't seem to think so.. lol

 Having the larger picture behind the chair I didn't need another large picture on this wall. All these things work cohesively together, drawing your eye to the wall, taking everything in as one instead of focusing on one item.


Thank you girls for hosting!