Friday, September 30, 2011

~ Sometimes Things Get Broken ~

This week has certainly flown by. I've gotten lots of things marked off the "to-do" list, then added a few more. Do you keep a "to-do" list? Around here I find it helps me stay on track, not necessarily ahead but on track. lol
I'm sure many of you are getting your fall decorating done, I hope to finish this weekend. 
See this little cutie right here? The one on the left? Bless it's little p-picking heart, it ended up broken a while back. I didn't think at the time to take pictures of all the broken shards of glass, just wanted to get it cleaned up before Mr. P or Miss Scooter stepped on any of it. We're not sure how it happened, just one of those things. ;- 
 I love the shape and texture, kind of reminds me up a crown sitting on top of a pedestal.
Having forgotten about it until now, I checked my supply of goodies to see if I had any thing to fit the base. I found a fish bowl shaped glass jar.  Yah!
Using what I had on hand....
I sparingly put some around the inside edges. Again, no pictures. I'm talented, but hanging on to the camera, glue and not making a mess? hmmmm I think we're better off not having those pictures.  lol
I gently put the glass on top, jiggled it around for a bit, pulled it off and set it back down to lock the two together.
Voila' ! And it's whole again.
Back to it's home in the living room. :-)) Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured in the little "oops", and the little glass jar became one with it's base. ;-))
Until next time...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ Before They Fade Away ~

I've been getting a few emails and questions about leaving comments, some say they are having trouble leaving comments, or if they hit the comment box they are directed to download something else. I'm wondering if any of you are having the same problems. I know when I go to a few of your blogs it takes forever for the comment box to connect. If any of you are having problems and know of a way to fix it I'd sure appreciate the help.

A few years back I planted the trumpet vine as much for beauty as for a private barrier. It's grown over the years, taken over this area completely. I thought I would share a few shots before it's beauty fads for the year.

Murphy always by my side. :-))

Until next time.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~ Tweaking in the Dining Room ~

Each fall I like to bring out the heavy weighted table runners with fringe dripping off the edge. Our dining room becomes more of a staging area than anything else these days, the tabletop is always evolving depending upon my mood of the day. This past week got away from me before I realized I hadn't done a proper tablescape. I hope this passes muster for Tablescape Thursday. :-))
The curvy legs of the soup tureen adds a bit of excitement to the flat layers of the books. The color seems to bounce off the silver candelabra.
Pooch in the background appears as though he's going after the pumpkins. :-))
Mercury pumpkins are hot right now, I love mercury have for a while. I searched forever trying to find one at a reasonable price. This one was $14.99. It sits on top of the silver cake stand. After I took these pictures and uploaded them, I realize this didn't suit. You'll see in just a few minutes what I mean.

I purchased the silver peacock quite sometime ago, I love the stately attitude he has.

Soup anyone?

Wooden candy corn a perfect fit for the small cloche dome.
After I uploaded the pictures I started critiquing my own work. It just didn't suit me the way it was. Do you ever do that?  I pulled the cake stand, moved the pheasant to the left and pulled the dog to the front. I think the balance is a tad better. (It looks like the candles aren't  sitting straight, they truly are, it's the angle I have to use to take pictures to avoid the glare from the window).
I think this is much better. There was way too much silver before. The pumpkin seemed to get lost sitting on top of the cake stand.

What do you think? This way........
Or this way?  I would really like to have your opinion. Which do you prefer?

Thank you for stopping by today. Susan, thank you for hosting this great party each week.