Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~ Shades of Green ~

With Fall in the air it's time to pull out the Fall  dishes. I'm always inspired when I visit every one's tablescapes on Thursdays. I go back and look at mine and think why didn't I do this and why didn't I do that. This week is no exception, with all the pictures uploaded it was way too late to change the game plan for this table. lol.
Our leaves are finally starting to turn in our area, they are far prettier than I thought they would be as hot and dry as our Summer was.  The leaf and acorn edged wooden chargers set the theme.
The tablecloth is a bonus for this tablescape, the shades of green and gold flow nicely with the dessert plates.  The small Chick a Dee salt and pepper shakers add a bit of whimsy.

I used to set at the sewing machine all the time, for some reason that past time is exactly that, a past time. I made the napkins quite a while back, with the help of the Serger they were made quickly for an event I was having at the time. The napkins were pulled through these burnished colored acorn rings.
The green glass dish edge mocks the edge of leaves, a gift from my Betty many years ago.

The two toned metal trophy shaped urn takes place as an off centered centerpiece.
This looks like a hot mess folks, it really isn't I could not get a decent picture of the flowing grasses. Do you ever have one of those days? Where every picture you take just doesn't suit? I played and played with this baby and took about 40 pictures and then caved and stuck with this one. lol

The green bowl tops the stack of fall like dishes, later to be filled with Cabbage Soup, recipe from Stone Gable. I had read the recipe off to Mr.P the other night, he says that sounds good. With his appetite the way it is I'll make anything if he'll eat it. Yvonne said this made a huge pot, boy she wasn't kidding, next time I'll cut it in half. The soup turned out delicious, Yvonne thanks for sharing this great recipe.

Flatware from Target continues the Green theme.

Pulling the brown swirled glass into the mix helps draw the eye to the rich brown colored charger and brown mercury glass candle, adding another element to the table.
Vintage depression glass, again a gift from my Betty will hold pats of butter for the hot french bread.
An evening shot with candles lit before we start our meal.