Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playing Hookie

We all know everyone needs a day out. My girlfriend and I had planned a day for weeks, with both of us self-employed, every day life sometimes gets in the way. Finally, we were able to set a day and run away for the afternoon. I'm sure you can tell by the handles on the door we headed to Briarcliff to Nell Hill's. My favorite place to shop for decorative accessories, besides my own little shop. LOL Don't you love the big urns that welcome you? I love all the textures and layering of Mother Nature's beauty.
And for fun a big silver ball.

Naturally, I would spot a darling rabbit lamp, it was just too darn cute. But I practiced self control and just admired it's cute beauty.

Can't believe I left this darling guy behind, but I did. Sometimes you have to rethink what you have and then realize you might have just a "few" too many of that item. :-((
I love this room it is so bright and airy. Lately I've been drawn back into my love of decorating with the deep shades of blue. I won't be changing any of my furniture anytime soon, but I can sure pull out more of my blue accessories. :-))
The sofa table vignette caught my eye. Do you see those darling dogs? Girls they were just too cute for words. My girlfriend and I had quite the laugh, you all know my love for bunnies. Well, today everything I picked up was dog related. Every picture I fell in love with was dog related. Do you see a trend happening here ?
Look at that face. Again, I practiced self control and left these for someone else to take home. But if Santa is looking at the blog and my name is still on the list...... I promise I've been a very good girl this year. ;-))) I'd sure be a happy little camper if I found them underneath the tree.
hint... hint.....hint......
I had to show you a shot of the gorgeous decorated chandelier.
You know I'm a bit of a dish lover. I couldn't resist showing you this tablescape. It's beauty was beyond words. Can't you see yourself sitting here and enjoying your Christmas meal?
The gorgeous cylinder with the candlestick in the center was breath taking. This week I head out to help my girlfriends to help redo a couple of things, we're going to incorporate this idea on her dining room table. I think her family will love it.
Gorgeous plate rack.
As we got ready to leave for the day I had to take one last shot of the beauty that awaits you when you shop at Nell Hill's in Briarcliff. The room is warm and welcoming with a timeless feel.
I came home with a couple of things I'll share in a later post. Until next time...
hugs ~lynne~