Monday, June 28, 2010

Lynne's On-Line Purchase Revealed

I'm so glad you've returned to see what I absolutely could not live with out while visiting Nell Hill's.
I'm joining Marty from astrollthrulife today for Table Top Tuesday. Marty thank you for hosting this fun filled day.

I recently redecorated the top of the entertainment center. Moving things around isn't that unusual around here. In this case I had to find the perfect place for my latest purchase. Do you recall me saying I called Nell Hill's and placed an order? Well... I ordered this beautiful platter and these darling bookends. I first spotted them when she made her post on facebook. I tried my best to mimic what she had displayed. After searching the house for some old books, and mother's old wooden box I think I accomplished just that. :-))
The platter is heavy and large in size, a little over 20" x 16". Thankfully, I had the perfect plate holder for it.

The attention to detail is incredible.

I first spotted these darling bookends while visiting the store. As I said in my earlier post, the crowd was heavy and the lines were long. I practiced self control until I saw it posted on
facebook. I knew immediately I would cave and have to have them. After ordering them I looked around our home and discovered something very interesting. I, have a fetish for bookends. How and when did that happen? Well, my friends that is a post for another day. lol
The cobalt blue base the dogs set on is incredible, a perfect match for the platter.
When I called and talked to Janet she told me these were on back order, due to the rush of sales from the posting on facebook. I assured her there was no hurry and she could ship it all together. About an hour or less later Janet called me back, she had searched the 16,000 foot store to locate a set of these darling bookends for me, that my friends is an employee that goes above and beyond. That was on a Wednesday, I received my purchases on Saturday.
Many of you are aware I can't and don't order many things, but this is one of those purchases I don't regret doing. They make a statement on top of the entertainment center and put a smile on my face each and everytime I look at them. lol
Thank you for endulging me. As a reminder, if you ever do decide to order anything from Nell Hill's you won't be sorry. The quality of their merchandise matches the quality of the pictures Mary Carol posts on facebook. In today's world, I find that a rarity. Until next time..
hugs ~lynne~

Lynne's Day Out

Remember me telling you a while back I was going to get a day out? Yes, a girlfriend and I took off one Saturday to Nell Hill's Tent Sale in Briarcliff. Come along and enjoy the day with us.
45 short minutes from home to this point, the turn off for Nell Hill's. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. You see, I don't get to enjoy outing's often so I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up that "big" gift. You know the one that has the best present inside. :-))
The architecture of the building is astounding. Even the garage area where she parks her truck for deliveries is a virtual piece of art.
With all the traffic we had to park quite aways , which was fine by us. We both love to walk, and who wouldn't when you had a gorgeous view like this.

I'm not sure if this is a home or business. It is gorgeous. Notice, 4 fireplaces. Wow! The sky lights, the terrace, aaahhhhhh. I could get use to sitting out there and enjoying the view. :-))

We left fairly early, hoping to beat the crowd. No such luck, look at all those shoppers!
Beautiful! I was so anxious to get inside.
Notice Nell Hill's attention to details? Even the door handles reflect her name. :-)) The urns on either side of the door were beyond gorgeous!
I know, it's already time for us to leave. I was able to get any photos inside. It was far too crowded. You cannot imagine the people there wanting bargains.
I'm wandering if the gentlemen is asking the lady, "where on earth are you going to put all of this?" lol
You can see all the boxes of goodies being carried away.

With the lines so long we opted not to wait and go through the tent. I had over heard another lady saying all she heard was breaking glass. I hate that we didn't go through the tent to find a bargain or two, or possibly three :-)), but just being there was so much fun.
You can see the line goes on forever.
We walked around a few of the shops before departing from our adventure for the day, another beautiful fountain.
As we walk back to the truck I take more pictures and admire the beauty of the area.

If any of you in our area might know if this is a home or business at BriarCliff I would love for you to share it with me.
Until I come again..........

Although I didn't purchase anything the day we here here at Nell Hill's I had an absolute ball. I came out full of inspiration and ideas to implement in my own shop and home. I have to say the crowds of people were over whelming, the staff was wonderful. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Nell Hill's, hopefully in September for her annual event in Atchison. :-))
A bit of a postcript: 1. no purchase bought the day we were at Nell Hill's 2. fast forward 2 weeks I saw her post on facebook and couldn't resist 3. broke down and ordered a couple of things
4. no regrets 5. best purchase I've treated myself to in a very long time. LOL
So.... I hope you decide to come back tomorrow and I'll show you what I couldn't live
without! :-))
hugs ~lynne~