Thursday, May 31, 2012

~ Bring Out the Sweaters and Crank Up Some Heat ~

The last couple of days around here have been almost letter perfect. Lots of sun and a slight breeze, perfect conditions for working in the yard and walking the dogs. Well folks it's down right chilly here today. I've already changed from Capri's and flip flops to jeans and tennis shoes. (now by this afternoon I may have the Capri's and flip flops back on. We live in Missouri, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change). I think this weather calls for some Cheesy Potato Soup. The ferns are loving the cooler temperatures, they're growing like crazy.
Many of you know I've struggled with my hydrangea bush putting off blooms. Each evening when I walk Murphy I check this baby out. The first night I squealed so loudly I scared a bunch of baby bunnies out from underneath the bush. I'm not sure who was more scared them or me, Murphy didn't even move. Hm mm not much of a watch dog is he? I'm glad he didn't bother with the little cuties, Mom and Pop bunny have moved them, they're now located up by the trumpet vine.
Look at this beauty now, can't tell you how excited I am. Let's not go overboard here, I have several blooms, but the bush certainly isn't "loaded" like a lot of yours are. That's all right I'll take what I can get and be one happy little camper.

Wouldn't you love to bottle up these beautiful colors in fabrics? The palette combination is so soft and serene.

The forecast for this evening is shocking, we're suppose to get down to 47. YIKES!! Guess there will be no seating on the porch this evening. Just can't see myself seating out here in a winter coat, gloves on the hands drinking hot coffee to keep warm, the warm days will return soon enough. So.... I'll be inside drinking hot coffee enjoying a good book and eating popcorn.
hugs ~Lynne ~
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