Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Afternoon Drive

Wednesdays mean Outdoor Wednesday with Susan from over at A Southerndaydreamer. It's been a while since I've participated and sure wanted to jump on the bandwagon this week and join in the fun. Susan thanks for hosting Outdoor Wednesday.

Today was a good day. After finishing the mowing and getting cleaned up, Mr. P. wanted to go for a drive. I grabbed the camera and suggested we drive around and I could show my blogger friends a few of the homes in our community.

This home has fondly been called the Cake House for years. The lady that built it many years ago made the most awesome cakes. She could put anything on top of any size cake you asked for. She has since past and the home has been sold a couple of times since. But the memories still live on.

Through the windshield I shot the picture of the Realtor's sign. Once again the Cake House is for sale.

Driving up around the corner I shot a picture of this beautiful home. The front being very majestic but feels to me like it's lacking something.

Down the road aways I remembered our "famous" cemetery. This cemetery is visited by bus loads of tours each year.

This is one of the majestic monuments that draws our tours.

Out on the east end of town is the addition called The Oaks. This addition was the brain storm of a farmer in our area about 4 years ago. If you can envision this once used to be a huge bean field. Mr. P. dug most of the basements in this addition. So, it's pretty special to us. This is one of the last additions Mr. P. worked on,

To the right as you pull in is the developers son's home. We noticed as we pulled in, it's now for sale.

Down on the left is this beauty.. Oh girls you should see the inside. But we'll get back to this in just a bit.

Straight ahead is this beautiful home. If anyone can drool over a home this is one I would certainly drool over. It also is for sale. After building the home the owners realized they were soon empty Nester's and have decided to down size. It has 4500 square feet of finished floor space. Now girls, that's a lot of room to play in. I wish I would have gotten a close up of the swing hanging on the left of the porch. Reminds me of Susan's over at Betweennapsontheporch.

This house sets in a bit of a hollow. At first you think how nice to be so secluded. They've mixed brick with real stone for front exterior. This home has been up for about 4 years now and they still haven't finished the other exterior walls. It looks a bit forlorn I think.

This is just at the end of the culdsac in one end. The young couple that built this are very particular and it shows. They are slowly adding landscaping along with the room for their little girl to play in.

Another cutie patootie.. This just screams "welcome" come on in. You gotta love a house with a front porch. I personally think it finishes dressing a home. The antique light fixture was bought from some friends in Liberty. What a treasure.

Remember this at the beginning of the post?

This is the side view as we start to head back out of the development.

I wished I had zoomed in for a close up of the pool. Would be fun to take a dip huh?

Finally, the front. It's it a beauty? The wrap around porch, wraps all the way around the right of the home to the back. The inside is just as spectacular as the exterior.

I had to get a close up of Melinda's front door. I love the metal shaped basked full of flowers. She would have a fit if she knew the door's scratch showed up on here. I won't tell her if you don't. lol

Getting closer to home I wanted to show you another friends home. She loves country decor and her front porch certainly screams country.

Now, what do you think of the back of this home? Huge huh? What a view they have. Now, lets drive around to the front, out the lane and down the road then turn right and...

You are in the front. Were you expecting something a bit more over the top? It is a bit surprising isn't it? The couple that live here have 2 small children. I'm not sure the square footage, but from the backside it looks "large" very "large".. lol

Wanted to show you a close up of their front door. Go ahead ring the bell, I know they would love for us to stop and say hello.

Back home again girls...

to our humble farm. I love looking at all the nicer homes in town, but you know the saying,

"There's no place like home." I'm glad you joined us for an afternoon drive. We'll do it again soon. There alot more streets we can cruise up and down on... hugs ~lynne~