Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Do Believe, I Do Believe

Never turn down a job because
you think it's too small;
you don't know where it can lead.
Julia Morgan

I Do Believe in Santa Claus.... Monday brings lots of changes throughout blogland. Hosted by Susan each week. Be sure to treat yourself by swinging by to see what changes have come our way.

Laying on it's front side is the beautiful Santa you saw in the first shot. Still full of glitter and beauty, however....
On closer inspection you'll find a few boo-boo's! Large enough a band-aid can't fix. :-( Yes, that is one "big" boo-hoo! These are the pieces found in the bottom of the box. You see folks, this beautiful Santa came in over at work beyond repair. The boss asked me if I wanted it and I immediately said "yes"! Not one to turn down a challenge I immediately went to work. Taking out the famous gorilla glue I got busy. But to no avail. It would not hold. No matter how long I waited. :-((
Then I got out my Duco Cement. Starting once again and putting the pieces together. To date, this wonderful little goo-ey stuff in a tube hasn't failed in any project I've tried to repair.
Around the bottom we went. After putting it back together like a puzzle and putting a dab of black paint.. it's good as new.. :-)) So... we go from this to...
To this! Isn't he gorgeous? The best part, he was "free"; just a wee bit of my time and patience and I end up this beautiful Santa. :-))
Such soft and caring eyes. Close up.
So, we went from this....
To this beauty nestled amongst some greenery.
Just goes to show you, don't pass up anything free; you never know what you'll end up with. lol
So, there you have it folks. My contribution to Metamorphosis Monday. I'm so glad you took the time to stop by today. Don't forget to swing over to Susan's for a full list of those participating. I'll see you there...
hugs ~lynne~