Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~~ All Dressed Up For Fall ~~

Today's temperatures have been so fall like I couldn't resist dressing my hutch for fall. Ok.. maybe I rush the seasons just a tad bit, when a girl feels an urge to change things out she's gotta go with the urge right? lol
Last year I fell over the top in love with dough bowls. I purchased 3 of them in different shapes and sizes and have had a ball using them in many different ways over the past year. Grant it they aren't antique dough bowls, none the less they are pretty awesome pieces to use in any decor.
I filled it with some realistic gourds, pumpkins, acorns, a few nuts and yes, some pretty realistic looking candy corn. The faux corn sure saves inches on the 'ole hips. lol :-))
Naturally, I had to add some great bittersweet.

You have to keep an eye on everything around here. I see the squirrel has already grabbed himself a nut. :-))
The green plates were changed out for the black and white, I also added the toile tea set. The small book to the right on an easel, (that I didn't notice until just now is crooked) is a small photo album. I can't recall where I got it, I've had it for many many years.

One last shoe of the black hutch dressed for fall.
As always, thank you for swinging in to say hello. Until next time....
hugs ~lynne~

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Basket is Full !

I love the changing of the seasons, and love to reflect those changes inside my home. This past weekend I got busy and started adding a few touches here and there.
After our sale I've moved quite a few things around trying to fill in the empty spaces. The picture was hung early in the spring and I felt it was missing something. I shopped the house for the "perfect" thing to anchor it a bit more. I knew I needed something I could fill and add some height too. The black basket filled the bill. After going through my personal batch of florals I came up with this display. It seems the further I got the more I added. lol

With the basket having so much height, I felt it needed a bit hanging off the edges for more balance. This whimsical floral was just perfect, the colors are gorgeous!

You may recall me saying I'd gotten some great bittersweet in the shop recently, this is one of those great picks. The color is so deep and luscious.

Now, I'm ready to start on the bistro table and the washstand. Once those areas are complete I'll share the whole vignette with you. I'm off to put a few more touches of Fall here and there. As always, thank you for swinging in to say hello.. Until next time.....
hugs ~lynne~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quiet Corner

In each of our homes many of us have a corner that seems to scream, "change me!" I know mine did. This corner is found out in the sun porch, for quite sometime a wicker chair occupied this space. A while back I wanted a change, no surprise there. lol I decided to bring in the wrought iron table and chairs from the front porch. I thought making a quiet corner , a seating area for two would make a nice change. (The hanging chimes is a rabbit weather chime I've had for about 20 years, didn't realize it was in the picture, I'll share it's full beauty in a future post).
After moving it inside, I shopped the house for the perfect items to display on top. The first thing that came to mind was this great bunny weather vane. It's been in my office on top the entertainment center, purchased at Target a few years back.
I naturally had to add a few decorating books and this wonderful ivy twig. :-))
The metal basket was a find many, many years ago at Hobby Lobby, originally white, I aged it to look more like "old" metal. Looking a bit empty and needing more texture I added the topiary to fill the basket.

The old porch post was a treasure I found quite sometime ago. I thought it made a great back drop for the table. On top sits a Smith and Hawkins flower pot from Target many, many years ago.

The temperatures in our area the past weeks have been in the 100's. Today, promises to be another one of those days. I hope this finds you staying in and staying cool. Until next time.....
hugs ~lynne~