Friday, February 25, 2011

~Mother Nature Has the Floor~

Mother Nature sure has a mind of her own, right now she's speaking loud and clear in our neck of the woods. With an annual snow fall of 20" we've gone well over that topping out at over 30". With all the hazards snow creates, if you look hard enough you can still find the beauty.

I slipped outside last night and took this shot around 11 or so. With the winds howling and snow falling, the untouched snow was incredibly beautiful.

I shared this shot yesterday via Facebook, it was taken about 4:00 p.m.

This is how the table looked this morning at 10:00 A.M.

Our forecast is for more snow this evening, and thunderstorms on Sunday with temperatures in the 60's. An old saying us Missourians have, "if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes, it will change".

I'm off to do a bit more "moving around" of a few things. I hope you're enjoying the beauty of the day. Until next time....

hugs ~lynne~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Popping In ~

I was cleaning on Sunday moving a few things around, (I'm just a moving fool right now) and wanted to share with you where some of these items sat before I moved them. Looking at them gives me hopes of Spring and green and playing in the dirt soon. ;-) I'll share with you on Tuesday where they reside now.

This past Friday I got a call from my guy saying he was on his way with the furniture, we were trying to beat the rainy weather they were forecasting. I scrambled like crazy breaking down a couple of faux walls and moving other things out of there way to be ready when he got here. Man alive there was a lot of stuff in this small area. Now, it seems "huge" and open, I am loving it so far. :-)) Along with the office furniture I was lucky enough to acquire a couple new display pieces for the shop. You talk about a work out, I've moved everything in the shop around to accommodate those pieces plus new Spring merchandise. I'm as happy as a pig in mud! lol
Yikes! After proofing this like a dozen times I went ahead and posted this only to discover I left out the last part of the post. Please tell me you do that too. Any hooooooo.... this is a hint of one of the things I moved from upstairs down. I'll share that reveal with you on Monday.
Thank you for swinging by, I'm heading back up to the shop to play with some of the new Spring Merchandise. Until next time....

hugs ~lynne~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Surprise Makeover~

It has been a crazy, crazy time around here. The tax office is hopping, the shop has been steady and I'm trying like crazy to maintain every day activities in our home. We're thankful for the warmer temperatures and a few rays of sunshine after all the snow we've had. Even with the lane being quite muddy, OK... it's "really" muddy things are good. lol With all the winds we're having it will dry out in no time.

Come along I have some exciting news to share with you.

Do you ever get one of "those" phone calls? Let me tell you I was sure surprised when I did. This past week I received a phone call from a friend asking if I knew of anyone needing or wanting office furniture. I cautiously said YES!! I asked a few details about the pieces and naturally the cost. There is NO extra money in the budget for new office furniture, after all what I've been using as worked for a while now, even though some days it's quite uncomfortable after sitting there for many hours at a time. Any hoo..... At the end of the conversation he said the cost was.......... FREE ! Oh my stars. I could not believe it. You see I don't get anything for free, I don't win things, I'm just not lucky that way. I felt like I had won the lottery. I've always dreamed of having "true" office furniture. :-))

I had to really search my archives to find any sort of picture of the office as it sits. ( I couldn't take current pictures without moving tax returns around). This is the set up awhile back. I don't have great drop ceilings, so a few years back I painted all the floor joists a nice creamy white. I'm almost finished with that project, so far I've used 55 gallons of paint.
Notice the white metal ice cream parlor chairs? They are no longer white, I've since sprayed them estate black. On the right you can see how "full" the top of the entertainment center is, or was, I've paired it down and lightened things up quite a bit.

Gotta tell ya, I'm really looking forward to all the nasty exposed wires gone. This cabinet was originally built to house the 3 sewing machines and worked quite well for those projects. My girlfriend was kind enough to help move it from one spot into this area quite a while back. I felt fortunate to have gone from a smaller size desk to this "huge" one. You see, I'm the kind of girl that makes what she has work. However, I'm "really" looking forward to an actual office set up, that takes up less space. This baby is huge. 4'6" x 8'2".
Here's a bit better view of the glass front bookcase. I'm still working on a way to disguise the heating vent, if anyone has any suggestions I can put into action I would sure appreciate it.
For now, I've decided to leave the half metal shelf on the wall, it's located just to the left of the entertainment center. I'm sorry the picture above the shelf is so blurred by lighting. It's a picture of old maps, it stays . I'll try like crazy to get a much better shot for the time of the new reveal.
At the end of the daybed sits a small buffet that has since been moved to the dining room. I moved a sofa table there for a bit, moved it and now have a smaller table and lamp. It looks a lot less cluttered and has the vision of an extended wall now.
My love of bunnies is no secret. I worked my tail off to purchase this beauty, it has to find a new home. I haven't decided "yet" where I'm going to hang it. No worries, I have a couple of ideas in mind. ;-)) Wow! That lamp is "huge". I'm glad I changed it out a long time ago. Do you do that, realize the fit isn't right after you take pictures? To the right of the picture you'll see a Boston fern and metal urn. I was using those to disguise the back of the tower. I'm sure you're wondering why it's not housed inside the cabinet. I tried, oh my gosh I tried it just wouldn't fit. I'm hoping the new set up allows for it to be hidden out of sight completely along with the external backup.
I'm not sure if the fireplace will stay in it's present location , will have to see when the time comes. You can see the decor was a lot different then. You can go back here to see how it looks at the present time, I like what's on it now much more than what I had on it then. lol

So.. there you have it folks, I hope you'll check back in to see what the office will look like. I'm suppose to get a phone call today or tomorrow to let me know when he's bringing "all" the pieces. I have a bit more work to do, moving things out, breaking some display pieces a part to get ready for him. Until next time......
hugs ~lynne~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

~Makes Me Smile~

We can't ask for a better day around our part of the country. The sun is shining with temperatures teasing us of Spring like weather, right now we have a glorious 53 degrees. As I was putting together a post for tomorrow I thought I would share some pictures I took that made me smile, I hope they do you as well.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Until next time...
hugs ~lynne~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~ Shimmering Candles ~

Love comes through the eyes that see
And through the ears that hear,
For people are quite beautiful,
And words make feelings clear.

Love comes through the hands that touch
With unabashed affection,
For only skin-to-skin can love
Maintain its true direction.

Love comes through the tastes and smells
Of fresh and well cooked food,
For in the gift of nourishment
Is much else that is good.

But though love comes through senses five,
Love comes from the heart,
For there resides the greater love
Of which ours is a part.
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Happy Valentines to one and all. Until next time....

hugs ~lynne~

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