Thursday, December 22, 2011

~ Random Christmas ~

The clouds have been around it seems like forever. A drizzle falls outside and temps are dropping, are we going to get the snow they're predicting? Just in case I've got the sled out and ready to go.
I've wanted a pair of ice skates for the longest time, I found these on Etsy, in my size almost like new blades polished and ready to go. OK, we know better my ankles couldn't take ice skating, but in my mind I'm sailing across the ice.
A cast iron plant stand holds pine cones Mr. P and I gathered over 30 years ago in a park in Atlanta, Georgia.

The top of the antique ice box holds the small aluminum tree courted by the vintage snowman. Adding a bit of bling the silver tray holds red ornaments.

It's been so cloudy getting good shots has been difficult. This guy sits inside a lantern, holding his broom ready to shovel the snow.
Let's turn on some light... On either side of the table I hung wreaths with black and cream bows.

This is the last of the trees around our home. I started this tree 11 years ago right after Bailey was born, it's taken on a lot of different looks over the years. After putting up the tree this year I got to looking around and have decided the tree is too small for the size of the room. I'll take it apart this year, and look for something a tad bit larger for next year, anyway that's the game plan..
Mr. Santa was a gift from a friend about 18 years ago, I haven't used him in years for one reason or another. This year the base of the tree called out for both the sled and Santa.

 From our home to yours we wish you the Safest and Joyous of Holidays.