Monday, January 5, 2009

Carpet is installed and I'm up and running...

Girls... the carpet is installed and I'm up and running once again.. You really didn't think I could stay away did you? :-)) It was a walk in the park to turn everything back on again. I can' thank you enough for all the suggestions.
The carpet installer showed up first thing this morning and got started right away. He had to move several pieces of heavy furniture but had no problems maneuvering them up into a small area. Then the old was pulled up and the installation of new carpet began. This sample is not my carpet.. but I had to put a picture up right? Then I had to leave and head to work, this is one day I was sure hoping to be off. But alas, that was not to be. I was sure glad when 6 came and we could lock the doors and head home. Mr. P and the grandson met me the door. They couldn't wait for me to see the new carpet.. I'm telling you it looks fantastic. I feel like I've won the lottery. It still needs to be vacuumed and the furniture polished.. and that will come after bit. Had to make some supper , the grandsons lunch for school tomorrow .. and as Gloria said.. I had to have my I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow to get the grandson back to school and have to work away from once again.. But let me tell ya, I'll be home all day on Wednesday, and you know what I'll be doing... :-) This has been a long process and I'm happy to report I'm almost at the end of the trail. The fun starts now.. Putting all my beloved things back in place and bringing out some of the old.. I know many of you are probably tired of hearing all about the ordeal I've gone through. I want you to know I appreciate every kind word you've sent my way and all the support. Now.. I'm really off to get some of that popcorn.. hugs ~lynne~