Saturday, April 8, 2017

And... Another Project Is Marked Off the Books

It's been another wild and crazy week around here. I work better under pressure wouldn't have it any other way. Mother Nature is cooperating with us this weekend with promises of Spring like temperatures, along with more wind. It could be so much worse, after 13 days of clouds and rain I'm more than ready for sunshine bring on the wind.

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting with a friend talking construction as we often do. During the conversation my cabinet over the desk was brought up and how I disliked the cross bar design. It felt too heavy. just not the traditional look I was going for. 
This is the only
picture I could find of the whole cabinet. YIKES!!! Everything was so dark and heavy. I'd forgotten how busy everything was. Are you surprised when you pull up pictures of the past? Can you see the cross bars?They always felt off to me, the alignment of the cross pieces was off with the placement of the shelves. I had new cabinet doors made many years back and had the glass added. The stain job has always bothered me, it just never matched 100%.
As we looked the cabinet door over we discovered the bars were only glued in place. Can you believe it? Yes.... glued in. Who does that and charges you and arm and a leg? These just pulled right out of the door frame. Guess the glue was some mighty fine stuff to have stayed in place for over 15 years.
 Classy huh?
The pieces pulled out easily with very little effort, the bare spot you're seeing is what was left behind.
Here you can see each door with the bare wood showing, or so you think its bare. What was left behind was a thick coat of glue residue. I sanded until I thought I would have no wood left. If the glue residue wasn't removed it was not going to take the stain. I finally sanded and used a q-tip with acetone to get the final glue off. After sanding lightly one last time it was time to re-stain the doors. After re-staining the doors the lighter color of the shelves really stood out, that was another factor that had to be addressed.
Through out the construction I've saved every good piece of wood. The shelf that used to run down the middle of the kitchen was solid oak, in great shape. You can see a portion of it HERE  I just had to pull about a thousand nails, and do a bit of touch up. After measuring I took them out to the saw cut them down, touched them up and installed them the next day. Can you see the difference? These shelves are thicker and have a beautiful mitered edge.
 Most times when a project is underway one change brings on another.
The chair I currently use at the desk has been this shade of blue for almost 20 years. I think it's time for a change.

 I took the chair to the garage did a bit of sanding and spray painted the chair. I chose Rust-oleum American Accents Heirloom White with a Satin finish. I used the same paint on another project I'll share with you soon. It's the sweetest shade, not too white and not too cream. I'm currently using the same cushion but I'm on the look out for something a little more fresh.

 ~ ~ BEFORE ~ ~
 ~ ~ AFTER ~ ~
So... another project I wasn't expecting to do is completed. What do you think?


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Rose said...

What a difference.
Just the painted wall. The white walls look so much better against the wood cabinet, also taking the slats out of the cabinet doors makes it appear larger.

Plus all the blue - you can see it now, against the white walls.
Have a wonderful day