Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~ From The Inside Out ~

Hello everyone, I hope all of you had a Great Father's Day Weekend!
It isn't often I can get a picture of Miss Scooter
without her taking off. She seems to be a bit
camera shy. :-)) Last week Mr. P asked if I had
the camera handy, we had a bunny out in the drive.
It's no secret I have a fondness for bunnies, I felt fortunate
to be able to capture these images from the
Inside Looking Out.

The presence of the small Robin
didn't detour the bunny.

Miss Scooter had such concentration!

It was almost like the bunny could hear me
talking inside about how cute it was. :-))

The bunny has had enough of this photo session and leaps
off for another destination.

When motivation has left the station happiness
can be brought to us in many different ways.
Around here the wildlife and our dogs give us
many hours of entertainment.