Monday, March 19, 2012

~ Kicking Things Up in the Office ~

You all know I spend a lot of time in the office this time of the year. After looking at all the "yellow-toned" wood walls I got busy painting. If you would like to re-visit that post you can go HERE. When I went back for a visit it almost scared me. lol. I cannot believe the difference around here. As of now ALL the painting as been completed, until I start on the closets. Whewwwww... it's been quite the job but so worth the out come.
Mr. P brought these glass front cabinets in almost 10 years ago now. They were mucky brown in color and needed some TLC. I chose to stain them black, sanding off the edges and restaining those areas with a bit of Min Wax Provincial Stain. I had a lot of area to cover, so chose to use the stain verses the stain in a pen.
Looking down the way....
Bringing down a set of the antlers was a natural choice for me. The Fleur de lis on top the green marble stand was purchased a while back.  The glass covered trophy was a purchase from Nell Hill's earlier in the year.
While out and about a while back I ran across this very heavy silver platter, I passed it up that day, not quite sure where I was going to put it, being particular and a bit OCD does have it's draw backs. Then before going to bed that night a light bulb went off, I knew it would be perfect in the office. I found myself obsessing through the night not able to sleep, next morning I got up early and headed out in hopes it would still be there. Thanks to the heavens above it was, it's a perfect fit for the top of the bookcase, just what it was needing. Do you ever do that? Obsess? Hope? Dream about something, it was certainly meant to be or it wouldn't have been there. lol. It has the one dark spot I just cannot get off, it bothers me a bit, I love it all the same.
The picture was purchased while still working at the other job. On Friday I "almost" moved it to the sun porch, being neutral in nature I think it works well here. However the plate  and the Fleur de lis might have to take a jaunt to the sun porch and join all the greens. That means another mission if I decide to accept it, to look for some blue take their place.

Mr. P bought this clock for me 35 years ago from a place here in town, Cox's Greenhouse. So began the clock obsession. The roses inside are from my Mother's funeral now 25 years ago. The perfect area to preserve their beauty and the memory.

Until next time.....

~ Mother Nature Is Showing Off ~

Hi there, hope you had a good weekend. Did you do lots of work outside or have a slow, easy lazy weekend? Ours was pretty quiet around here. I got a few things done I'd been putting off. Got the front of the house hosed off, the dust was so heavy out there. The shutters sure look a lot better now, black and shiny against all the gray siding. They're calling for heavy rains the next few days so I've held off taking the rest of the cushions and pillows out to the wicker furniture. I have plans to make new bright red and white ones, keep your fingers crossed I can work that in to all the other activities I have going on around here. I did purchase a few plants for in front of the shop for next weekend's open house. It's so hard to find exactly what I want with the timing of things. I would love to have it full of Boston ferns and some other flowering plants, no luck on the ferns just yet.
This evening I took a short walk around the yard, I'm trying to be diligent about taking the camera with me each time I head out the door. I really want to chronicle the start of all the blooming around here this year. Our winter was so light and Spring has sprung into full motion early, I can't believe everything that's already taking off. I don't recall the creeping phlox blooming this early before, then again I wasn't wanting to have a record of it either. Has your's starting blooming? Do you recall when you saw your first blooms last year?
The clouds had already started moving in, gray and over cast skies the Flowering Crap AppleTree wasn't showing off it's true beauty.

Then, low and behold the sun popped out and I ran back outside to snap a few more shots. The tree is loaded with blooms. Year before last I used cuttings from the tree to decorate the outside for the Holiday Open House. If you missed that post you can revisit it HERE. Keeping fingers crossed I'll be able to use some for this year's open house.

Peeking through the branches towards the end of the house where you enter into the gift shop.

And on a happier note, the energizer bunny is back to her old self once again. The voice has returned, the nagging cough is still there and maybe a touch of a headache, but from where I was a few days ago, my friends I can handle this. Yippee Skippy!!

Until next time.....