Friday, August 12, 2011

~ Rainy Day Changes ~

We'll soon be in our home 14 years, one thing they didn't waste space on is the entry way. Once you walk in the front door, "boom" you're in the living area. It's been a challenge to decorate, keeping things to a minimum. 
With today's rain I decided to shake things up. Originally sitting on the small chest was a white urn and the lamp, although it worked fine, I was ready for a change.
Adding more blue I chose this beautiful plate recently picked up at Nell Hill's in Briarcliff. After adding the crystal orb, I felt it still needed  a wee bit of something. I like to decorate in odd numbered items, knowing the perfect item I was off to the shop.The crystal candlestick is new to the shop as well as the entry way. Originally I went with the red candle by Root. Hmmmm...  not quite the look I was going for. I changed out the red Root Candle for their vanilla. Much better. I purchased another lamp, thinking the iron on the base of this one was a bit on the heavy side. The new lamp bothered Mr. P. You have to remember around here some things have to stay the same, he gets used to something and changing things around seem to bother him. Not wanting to have him disoriented I put this lamp back on the chest.  As you can see it all came together just fine.The crystal orb has a unique quality all it's own. I have several blue and white orbs, felt that the small entry called for something more on the lighter side. I've used my decorating books in vignettes for years, they work as great anchors.  I feel they need to be displayed as well as read. Don't hide them away on your bookshelf. Pull them out work them into a vignette, you'll enjoy them more often. So.. there you have the finished entry way vignette. I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes as much as I did putting it together. Thank you for swinging in to say hello. I'm off to work on another area or two.