Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Checkers with Raggedy Ann and Andy on Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday. Hosted by the Queen of Tablescapes Susan over at Betweennapsontheporch. Be sure to swing over by for a full list of participants and their beautiful tablescapes.
What a fun way to start off a Thursday..An excuse to play with our dishes. And by candlelight!!!

This week while "searching" for something else I ran across the checkerboard throw and checkers. And a plan slowly began to form... it suddenly screamed Tablescape. Is that the way it hits you? I then saw the Raggedy Ann and Andy and thought hummmm why not...
I saw the picnic basket and the wheels really started turning. This is what I found inside. Aren't they just too cute for words? Just the perfect size for my dolls to have tea while playing checkers. A pint size view of the tea cup and checkers.
Let me introduce you to Andy...
Close up of tea cup and saucer
And of the creamer Checkers anyone?
From above Let me introduce you to Raggedy Ann. That silly doll has her feet on the checker board.. Only in make believe world can a person get away with this... lol
Well, Raggedy Andy has his feet on the checkerboard as well.... hummmmm Looks like some treats have been served. Yippee!!

You can tell by the smile on Andy's face he's as happy as I am we're having popcorn for a snack. lol Oh my, is Raggedy Ann trying to hide this move??
Yummy!!!! Homemade popcorn! Most of you know this is my all time snack in the whole wide world. In an upcoming post I'll show you from start to finish the way we make popcorn around our home. No microwave popcorn for this lover of popcorn.. lol Now, not that there is anything wrong with micro-wave popcorn we just prefer it the old-fashion Isn't this dish gorgeous? An antique green depression glass. I believe this is one that belonged to My Betty. Close up for you.
Even in "make-believe" world we can play checkers and have popcorn by candlelight. :-))
I wanted to show you the size difference between the tea cup and saucer and the crystal candle holder. It is so tiny and delicate.

Close up of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Isn't their hair a fright? I'm not sure what it's made out of .. but it's pretty wild.... lol
Hi everyone!!!!
Hello to all you visitors today!!

I'm so happy she let us out of the closet so we could play for awhile.... lol :-)) Checkers by candlelight in the evening??? Yes, even in make-believe world my dolls can play checkers and have popcorn by candlelight...
Another from above.
I hope you enjoyed this tablescape of sorts. Do you ever just want to play like a kid again and "make-believe"? This is what I did on this particular day... I don't recall playing with dolls when I was small so this was treat.. Funny how I enjoy them now isn't it? Guess it's the kid coming out in me. I have to share that Mr. P. just continually shook his head and smiles lol.. There are days he just doesn't get this blogging addiction...and other days he makes suggestions.. lol.. Susan, thanks so much for hostessing another wonderful Thursday where we get to play with our dishes.. (even the small variety). Be sure to swing by Betweennapsontheporch for a full list of participants and all their beautiful tablescapes... hugs ~lynne~