Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Garden Delight ~

One of the advantages of having an early Spring is enjoying all the fresh buds waking up from a long winter's nap. Watching the new birth of each plant this year has been so much fun. I can't recall taking the time to truly enjoy the fresh beauty.

I'm sure you're saying enough of the bud pictures, look closely you'll see the ant making it's way around the bud.

I wonder, do they get dizzy going round and round?
The Weigela bush has sprung up like crazy. As the bush fills in the nasty wood stock will be covered leaving lush greenery and beautiful pink blooms to admire.

I had to share another shot of the Azalea in full bloom. Just look over all the yuck in the background, I took these pictures before I cleaned all of that up last weekend, obviously I should have waited to take pictures huh? Such is the life of a blogger.
Back on the other side I noticed the sweet Weigela blooms resting on top the Hostas.

Sweet and dainty.
The Crape Myrtle bushes are so full and tall this year, I'm hoping they'll produce some beautiful blooms.
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