Friday, February 20, 2009

Foodie Friday and Comfort Food

I'm so excited to be participating in the first Foodie Friday. Hosted by our esteemed Gollum over at . I had to smile to myself the other day when Gollum was talking about Dr. Gollum thinking this means real food.. that's what I call it around here when I cook. Mr. P. doesn't eat a whole lot, so there's no actual cooking per say.. So, maybe between me joining in Foodie Friday and tablescaping , I'll cook more and maybe he'll eat more.. :-)

I just had to include the incredible shot of the urn once again.. :-) You might need some salt and pepper....

Oh my.. the ladybug is still around.. anyone figure it out yet? :-))

Yummy.. fried chicken...Layered in a glass dish on the most delicate of feet..Doesn't this look delicious? Feel free to grab yourself a piece. I actually have more in the oven keeping it warm for all my guests.
Now, I see a hole in the dish of chicken ..looks like Mr. P might have grabbed the wing.. ummm

Look who decided to join us this week. Miss Scooter. She's waiting oh so patiently. Hoping, really hoping, I'll turn my back so she can grab a piece of chicken.. But, as you can see Miss Scooter is a tad over weight (too many treats for doing her tricks), so she can't have a morsel of chicken.

Let's add some mashed potatoes.. I would have mashed potatoes with every meal if it were possible.

Close up...

I chose to add the antique green bowl for dessert.

Doesn't this look delicious? Butterfly sliced cre'me cake, sugar free of course. Mr. P. can't have sugar..sorry girls have to bake for the man of the house.. lol

Miss Scooter has even crossed her little paw, thinking I might cave because she's being such a lady.. sorry darling no dice.. :-)) Your mama still loves you ! You just can't have any chicken..

Yummy... this is delicious. My original plan was to put some strawberries on it. Best layed plans..The frozen ones were out of stock, the fresh ones looked days old.. so.. I had to punt, grab a fork, a hot cup of coffee and just go for Please join me for some.

Now, has anyone figured out what our cute little lady bug actually is? See her clear little stick? Drum roll please...... She's a Swizzle Stirrer. Had any of you guessed? In my original post I told you she was a gift from my daughter. I cherish these little beauties..

This was just the most fun I've had in a long time. I totally forgot until after the meal was over to take photos of the sweet corn and the homemade biscuits.. sure hope you didn't miss them.. lol
A big thank you to Gollum for hosting the first Foodie Friday. Don't forget to swing over to check out a full list of participants.
Now, I'm off to see the other wonderful Foodie Friday posts. hugs ~lynne~