Thursday, January 26, 2012

~ Salt and Pepper ~

Hi everyone,  It is hard to believe it's the end of January and we've hardly seen any snow. I hope I didn't just jinx us! Right now they're saying it's a gorgeous windy 54 degrees... absolutely beautiful outside.

I'm still busy organizing everything in sight, painting, placing orders like crazy for the shop, tax season is in full swing, clients are coming in right and left,  and at times laying my head down for a short nap. The painting is coming along, although a slow and tedious job. Lots of nail holes to fill and "tons" of furniture, heavy furniture to move. I'm definitely getting my work out in.

Some would call this nesting, I'm not sure what you call it, I just know I have energy to burn and see lots of projects that need to be completed. There hasn't been one area, (except for the garage) that hasn't been touched, that's only  'cause it's been just a tad too chilly for my little 'ole body to be out there working on all that mess!  LOL

My love of silver has taken on a whole new dimension, I've pulled out pieces that have been stored away for years, using them in different manners than they were intended to be used for. For years the salt and pepper shakers by the stove were clear with a light baby blue lid.. GHASTLY, now that I think about it.. I know I'd only had them for almost 24 years.. guess I don't get in a hurry to get rid of things huh? (they officially were cleaned up and went into the garage sale box, they'll go to someone's home that will love them as much as I did). lol

Yes, I finally caved and bought a new set of salt and pepper shakers, I gave $2.97 for the set. Now I ask
you, why hadn't I done this years ago? Setting the pair on the silver edged glass dish, is so warm and welcoming to me.
Such a simple change made a huge difference in the way my little counter looks each day to me. :-))
Until next time....