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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Open House Part II

Day 1 is now behind us, WOW! What a day. It was busy around here from 8:30 on. I'll share a few highlights with you.
As you can see I baked and baked. I have all sorts of candies and cookies  for you to choose from. The packages under the tree are wrapped in white paper with black and white ribbon, I made the treats to flow with the colors of the tree. You can see a picture of the large tree HERE
Chocolate Chip Bars...
Fudge Odies, White and Chocolate Peanut Clusters not pictured Chocolate Fudge...
My fav,  Peanut Butter Fudge. I was a good girl and only had just a couple of pieces today. :-))
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

I had all sorts of visitors, from Men...
To some darling, darling children...

Many stood around visited and caught up. There was so much laughter going on, it filled my heart with joy.
You know I told you I would have a couple of vendors sitting their wares up in front of the shop.
 Karen had her wonderful collection of Primitives.

The cast of Scrooge made an appearance.
Margo had her Vintage Jewelry...

Karen's attention to detail shows in your Woodland Father Christmas..

Thanks so much to all of you that stopped by today, I enjoyed visiting with all of you. Your kind comments about the shop and the blog touched my heart. It is because of you I enjoy what I do.
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