Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue Monday With A Few Memories

This is my second time participating in Blue Monday. Hosted by Sally over at While there you'll find a full list of participants and all their wonderful blue. Thank you Sally for hosting another Monday full of beautiful blues. I want to thank all that came by yesterday in support of the "energizer bunny" recharging herself. The best way for me to be recharged is to spend time with our grandson. He's here almost every weekend, but I wanted to make today more special for him. So, we spent the day watching his favorite shows, playing Legos and naturally eating popcorn. lol Hubby, Mr. P. enjoyed the laughter and all of Bailey's creations. :-)) Later in the afternoon my daughter and I fixed lunch and visited the afternoon away. It was the most relaxing Sunday afternoon. Yes... girls, I'm definetly recharged and ready for the heavy work schedule I have this week. :-))

Now, onto to today's business.. :-) After the holidays once the fa-la-la came down I was looking for a new look on the hutch. I hadn't had many of the blue pieces out in awhile. Or if they had been out they were in a different area.. So one afternoon awhile back I got busy and changed things up a
Most of you know I love, love, love lamps. Lamps can change the mood of a room. They can make a room romantic or in this case add a bit of whimsy. And in my case , can make my heat beat faster and the hands start to shake. I know then it's meant to be in my home. lol. I've had this lamp for a while. It doesn't stay in the same spot long. Nestled among the greenery are some darling blue pitchers. They were a gift from my Betty a few years back for my birthday. She knew how much I love the cobalt blue color.. They graduate in size from 2 1/2" to 5 1/2".
I couldn't possibly leave out the rooster bookends on the other end.. lol
On the first shelf you'll find this wonderful blue platter I found fairly recently. Bargain.. it screamed bargain and leaped right into my cart. Thankfully, nothing was broken in this leap. lol The round ball is a carpet ball or orb as some refer to them these days.
Don't you love these darling roosters? They are actually salt and pepper shakers..I'm sure you'll might find them on a tablescape in a future post. :-) The blue vase is another gift from my Betty. She certainly knew my tastes didn't she? My Betty has been gone now for 3 years. Oh how I miss her. So each gift is treasured more and more each day. They bring up the most wonderful memories.
Close up of the roosters cuddled almost hiding in the greenery.. Faux greenery, yes my friends . I use faux greenery! No fuss no muss.. no damage, but packs a big wallop of a punch to any vignette.
The glass plate was a gift from Mr. P. many years ago.. "just because" .. he always seemed to surprise me with gifts or cards "just because" .. I found the egg many years ago as well as the beautiful compote on gold feet.
A close up for you. This is the beautiful verse. I think it says it all..
was made from the rib of man
she was not created
from his head~
to top him
nor from his feet~
to be stepped upon.
She was made from his side~
to be equal to him:
from beneath his arm~
to be protected by him:
near his heart~
to be loved by him.

So, there you have it girls. Another vignette all decked out in blues. Don't forget to swing by for a full list of participants.. I'll see you there.
hugs ~lynne~